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Hey there!

We hope you've taken a listen through a few of our episodes from Season 1, and enjoyed (and benefitted) from them.

We're changing it up for Season 2, and...

...we're looking for guests!

This season, we're focusing on your relationship with Money.
We all have one and you can't escape it. But, it's good to examine what that relationship really is at its core.

So all of our guests this season are going to be invited to write a letter to Money.

In the book, You are a Badass at Making Money, by Jen Sincero, one of her suggestions is to write a letter to Money to get a better feel for what your relationship with it is like.

You can look at a few examples here... and here... and here. More details are in the application form.

If you would like to join Miata for a recorded (audio and video) conversation… kind of like a mini-coaching session — albeit a public one — to read and discuss your letter… Miata will share some thoughts and ideas about how you might begin to move towards a more positive, useful and abundant relationship with Money!

Sound like something you’d like to do?

Hit the button below, fill out the application form and we will get in touch with everyone who applies.
Apply to be our next podcast guest here!
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Season 1 Episodes

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The Co-Hosts

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Miata Edoga is the CEO and Founder of the Abundance Bound Financial Education Company, as well as the creator and head coach of the Financial Empowerment Program.
For over two decades, she has been helping individuals of all backgrounds establish a healthier, more compassionate relationship with their money – whether they are just starting out, or starting over, or starting to wonder how they should handle their growing wealth.
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Kristine Oller is the developer and coach of the Creating Cashflow Program (which lives inside of the Abundance Bound Financial Empowerment Program).
For over two decades, she has been guiding creative individuals through ground-breaking chapters of their personal and professional growth – the big decisions, the tough conversations, the significant shifts, and the inspiring expansions.

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