Miata Edoga

Welcome to Abundance Bound – the premiere financial education company for actors, artists, and creative professionals.

Abundance Bound was founded by artists for artists. We’re big fans of folks like you. And we want to ensure that you stay in this game as long as possible and continue to express your creativity in ways that will impact and inspire generations to come. So much good can happen in this world because of the talents you bring to the table.

But, with love, we really have to say…

…it ain’t gonna “just happen” for you. Seriously.

Without being able to manage and maximize your money, you are sabotaging your efforts toward success. You cannot sustain your artistic pursuits by praying for a windfall.  Or hoping that incremental wealth will “just happen.” You must get real. And we are here to help you do exactly that – to get real (and get really abundant).

You can enjoy your life as a creative without missing out on the “normal” things, like: stability, savings, travel, eating meals than don’t included packaged ramen noodles, home ownership, a reliable car, and therapy for your pets.

The choice is to either avoid your money and continue living the story that you are a nice and noble Starving Artist, or to begin the journey toward prosperity that will enhance every aspect of your life and career.

This website has a wealth of guidance for you – feel free to explore it as you decide what your next step will be.

The bottom half of a U.S. dime.

Ugh, finances.
(Why even bother?)

Oh, we hear you!

Too many creative folks lack even the most basic skills and understanding as to how money works, let alone how to earn and plan in such a way that generates the freedom to do the things you really want.

For artists, this lack of financial education — combined with inconsistent earning patterns, the cost of basic life necessities, and the expenses of building an artistic career — can have truly devastating financial results.

After years of struggle, many artists are forced to quit and leave their dreams behind — not because of a lack of talent, desire, or even a willingness to work hard — but simply because they are no longer able to sustain themselves financially.

Have you ever told yourself that you’ll get financially organized, create a plan, handle your debt, start saving, and maybe even take a look at investing, as soon as you “get that big break” and/or “things get just a little bit better?”

Are you waiting for luck to knock on your door? Promising yourself that you’ll become a wonderful money manager once you have a bit of money to manage?

But, year after year, has your financial situation just stayed the same (or perhaps grown steadily worse)? Have you experienced that the occasional money “windfall” doesn’t last very long and somehow it always seems like you’re struggling to catch up? And you may have even wondered why you should bother to set financial goals when most of your time and energy is spent trying to get the bills paid every month…

(We totally understand.)

And yet, it doesn’t matter if you’re an actor, writer, musician, dancer, flame-thrower, stand-up comic, graphic designer, or ventriloquist’s dummy… financial stress is the number one killer of artistic aspirations.

But YOU can avoid that pitfall… would you like to know how?


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