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Learning how to manage your money is a BIG part of managing your artistic career. Without a positive relationship with money, you cannot invest the time and resources needed to reach or sustain your creative goals.

We are Abundance Bound. A financial education company uniquely positioned to empower artists and creative professionals on their journey to economic freedom. We provide innovative courses, coaching, and connection to our vibrant community to propel and support you in your artistic career.

As a company founded by artists for artists, we understand the nuance of a creative life and what it takes to support one. We’ve helped thousands of artists thrive for over 15+ years! So whether you are just starting out or have many years in the game, it’s time that you made your abundance a priority!

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Specialty Services

We are committed to developing products and services that are tailored to creative entrepreneurs and relevant to their career paths. Traditional financial education is designed for the majority of the workforce that has stable work hours. Our approach is created and informed by the artistic community that we love! Read below to find out more about the perks of partnering with Abundance Bound.

Meet Miata Edoga!

Miata Edoga is the President and Founder of Abundance Bound, the premiere financial education company for actors, artists, and creative entrepreneurs.

She created The Artist’s Prosperity SystemTM, which, over the years, has provided thousands of folks with a specific, step-by-step process to significantly improve their financial situation – giving them more time, energy, and freedom to focus on their creative careers and artistic pursuits.

Miata serves as the National Financial Wellness Consultant for The Actors Fund – a national human services non-profit for everyone in the entertainment industry. She has also led workshops and seminars on financial empowerment for a wide range of organizations including: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Writers Guild of America, the Directors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Center for Cultural Innovation.

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Client Feedback

“To sustain an artistic life, you must build a financial one. Abundance Bound has helped me manage both dreams at once!”



“Through her step by step coaching I negotiated my first partnership with another company. I highly recommend working with Miata.”



“Thanks to Abundance Bound, I now have control over my money and my future, regardless of where I am on the success ladder.”



“Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, Abundance Bound is absolutely a solution to the perplexing world of money management.”



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