for organizations

introductory workshop

Our signature 3-hour introductory workshop is a lively and engaging experience designed to educate and enrich your organization’s employees, members, or students.

As we guide them towards creating a healthier relationship with their money, we’ll teach them simple, step-by-step actions that can be implemented no matter what their personal and professional circumstances currently are.

complete curriculum

Because you are here, reading this, we know that you care about thepeople you employ and serve. We also know that you are invested in ensuring that they thrive – personally and professionally. And we know that you know that the financial wellness and stability of these individuals effects the overall wellness and stability of your company or organization.

custom events

Whether you’d like us to educate and empower your audience for several hours or several days, we are happy to collaborate with you to design a customized event that will generate stellar feedback from your attendees.

These special presentations are always lively, interactive, and focused on delivering guidance that meets the audience right where they are at – then teaches them how to grow from there.


Very few artists will graduate from college fully prepared to handle their money … and far too many of them will abandon their current dreams and aspirations simply because they will not be able to support themselves financially.

Many top schools and universities have utilized our robust program as a supplement to their regular curriculum – making sure that their students receive the knowledge and tools to avoid becoming buried by debt or crushed by the weight of financial stress.