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Violet: Earned an MFA and had a solid $60K annual earning in her first 2 years as an actor. Landed a major role in her 3rd year, bumping her income to a stellar $330K. Faced dramatic income drops the following years: $18K in her 4th year and a meager $6K in her 5th year. By year 6, she’s buried in $40K of credit card debt. Today, after filing bankruptcy, she’s traded her dreams for a shelter, exchanging labor for food and housing.

Crystal: Graduated from a prestigious conservatory program. Enjoyed a series regular role on a streaming hit, earning over $600K each season. Now in limbo, waiting (hoping) for the announcement of the 3rd season, her savings are dwindling – $12K left, no assets or investments, and extremely high living expenses.

Billy: Proud recipient of an MFA degree from a renowned graduate writing program. Faced a daunting student loan that ballooned to $400K with interest. Despite significant career achievements and a whopping $60K payment last year, he still owes almost $300K.

Stories like Violet’s, Crystal’s and Billy’s aren’t anomalies – they’re the hard truths of the artistic industry. Thousands of artists have faced these painful realities, and they could’ve been prevented with the right tools and knowledge.

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Artistic Dreams vs. Financial Reality

The vibrant energy of the stage, the allure of the screen, the applause, the magic – this is the dream for many artists. But the truth is, the journey to creative success is unpredictable and financially turbulent. Far too often, these bright souls, armed with talent and ambition, are held back, not by their artistry, but by their finances. And let’s be real; it’s heartbreaking.


A University's Role in Shaping Futures

Universities have a profound responsibility, not just to foster talent but to prepare students for the real world. Your students have invested in their education, believing in a brighter, creative future. But while you shape them for the stage and screen, who’s guiding them on the path of financial stability?


More Than Just Financial Education

Abundance Bound has been a beacon of hope for artists for nearly two decades, ensuring they’re not just prepped for auditions but are also equipped to manage the rollercoaster of artistic incomes. We’ve seen the transformation, the empowering shift from financial anxiety to clarity and confidence.

Our tailored, interactive programs don’t just throw jargon and numbers. We unravel the complex world of money, making it relatable and actionable. Your students will leave not just as artists but financially empowered individuals, ready to tackle any challenge head-on.


Every artist should have the chance to flourish without the looming cloud of financial anxiety. With Abundance Bound, they’ll be able to carve fulfilling artistic careers without compromise. Together, we can ensure that your students are equipped, inspired, and financially secure, making their dreams sustainable for years to come.

Their stories can be different. Let’s rewrite them together.

Let’s talk about how we can best support your students

Please click below to schedule a brief conversation with Miata.

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