It Isn’t Enough to Care (a Guide to REALLY Perfecting Your Craft)

BrainFullA friend emailed me asking for help.

“I care so much about (my craft). Why does it always end up coming last?”

There’s a short answer to this question.

It isn’t enough to care.

I’d submit it isn’t even just about hard work.

It’s about systems.

Setting up systems to win is the key to your success. Financially, having systems for the right tasks is equally important.

The Sherlock Holmes Story

In one of the Sherlock Holmes books by Sir   Continue reading this post >

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Daily ProsperiTIP


Right now, you’re probably receiving tons of tax documents. 1099’s from clients, W2’s from employers, statements from loans and savings plans….all kinds of important stuff. I hear all the time that people lose documents or can’t find one piece of paper and have to file an extension. This extra document you’re filing because you can’t find forms is time you could be using on your craft!

Here’s another idea:

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5 Steps to a Better Business in 2012

I have to admit, I’m a perfectionist about planning my business. While making dinner, my mind races through lists of ways to perfect my craft. When folding laundry, I’m usually strategizing about my next potential project. My mind seems to always be at work on the next “better” idea, even when daily mundane tasks rule the moment.

I was reading management guru Tom Peters recently, who stated that balance is baloney. Top people in any field don’t have   Continue reading this post >

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Daily ProsperiTIP

Getting financially organized is probably the biggest contribution you can make to your long-term financial stability.

I know, I know… I tend to write a lot about “clearing the clutter!” But the truth is that I started to create big changes in my financial life on the day I realized that piles were NOT a filing system. Many of us are buried in paperwork: bills, old receipts, and bank statements. It’s not surprising that we get confused as to when   Continue reading this post >

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From the Mailbag

Hi Miata,

Should I set up a separate business account for the small amount I earn from my craft? It seems like overkill because I make so little.

– Jasmine

Dear Jasmine,


Keeping craft money separate from household funds is important for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Separate funds create a scorecard. Many artists want to track how they’re performing financially from their art. By keeping it separate, you’ll have a gauge of how far you’ve come. You’ll also know how far you need   Continue reading this post >
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Belated Spring Cleaning

It’s time for the big reveal: I’m not a fan of spring cleaning.

Once I’ve finally dug in and begun the process, I enjoy organizing shelf space and rearranging household supplies so they’re easier to find. When it’s over, I’m always glad it’s done, and I love that when I want something, it’s right at my fingertips. Yet, if you asked me what my least favorite five tasks around the house would be, cleaning closets and organizing the garage would be   Continue reading this post >

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A Tale of Two Banks

Keeping two bank accounts is a key part of your money plan. One account you use to deposit paychecks. The other is your everyday account you’ll use to pay expenses. Your plan works if your paycheck account is difficult to reach and the expense account is accessible and easy to operate.What should you look for in a bank? How do you open these accounts?

Maybe you’ve seen Clint Eastwood’s 1966 film The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Unfortunately,   Continue reading this post >

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Grabbing the Reins

You’ve decided it’s time to take control of your money. Bills keep piling up, creditors incessantly call, and now you know it’s time to start. Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. Over fifty percent of Americans have some credit card debt. The housing crisis still isn’t over. The unemployment percentage hovers around double-digits.

Many of us need to grab the reins and find a plan.

Where to begin, though? How do you start turning pennies into dollars, and dollars into ten   Continue reading this post >

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What is your Financial Starting Point?

This week we are going to begin examining the second step of the Artist’s Prosperity System: Clear your financial clutter and get it organized for good! There are several elements involved in truly getting financially organized. It can be easy to feel a sense of overwhelm which keeps us from moving forward. Over the next few newsletters our goal is to guide you through each element—so just hang in there, go one step at a time and don’t stop!

Perhaps   Continue reading this post >

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