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We have walked in your shoes.

Each coach and facilitator on this team has undergone our own financial transformation and, as a result, each of us are committed to making Abundance Bound a shame-and-condescension-free zone.
Our mission, as a group, is to serve you with care and compassion because we’ve each experienced, firsthand, the emotional rollercoaster of fluctuating income, intimidating debt, and/or sudden (and exciting) windfalls
We deeply respect all of the individuals and organizations who are joining us here to learn and who are striving to better their lives and the lives of their members and employees.
We’re looking forward to contributing to and celebrating your renewed abundance.

A Little About Us

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Miata Edoga

CEO + Founder
Miata is an actor and the CEO and Founder of Abundance Bound.
For over two decades, she has been helping actors, artists, entrepreneurs and non-traditional earners of all kinds establish a healthier, more compassionate relationship with their money – whether they are just starting out, or starting over, or starting to wonder how they should handle their growing wealth.
Miata created The Financial Empowerment Program, which, over the years, has provided hundreds of creative souls with ongoing support and a specific, step-by-step process to significantly improve their financial situation – giving them more time, energy, and freedom to focus on their biggest goals and dreams.

Ruthy Otero

Course Facilitator
Ruthy is a native New Yorker who believes storytelling is an act of generosity with the power to connect, heal and provoke change in individuals and communities. She has a passion for stories that simultaneously inspire while also having audiences laughing at their plight of being human. Ruthy has written, produced and performed four one-person shows in New York and Los Angeles. She was chosen by Variety as one of the 10 Comics to Watch for Dancing With My Demons, a comedy about fear with a Disco theme. She has also appeared in over sixty national and regional commercials.
Ruthy became an Abundance Bound student in 2015, where she learned that terms such as “net worth,” “profit and loss,” and “forecasting” were not reserved exclusively for millionaires but also applied (and will always apply) to her, no matter where she is on her financial journey. She has supported her acting career by teaching a variety of subjects from CPR, storytelling, and construction math. Her favorite part of being a teacher is helping students break down a concept they don’t understand into smaller pieces that suddenly make sense.
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Kristine Oller

Master Coach
Inside of the Abundance Bound Financial Empowerment Program, Kristine Oller is the developer and coach of the Creating Cashflow program and frequent coach of the monthly Money Mindset sessions. She also produced and co-hosted the first season of the Abundance Bound podcast.

As a seasoned strategist, Kristine guides smart, big hearted adults through important decisions, tough conversations, significant shifts, and inspiring expansions. As the founder of the online coaching membership, You First, she specializes in helping goal-oriented people recalibrate when caregiving (for family or friends) crashes into their plans.

Every single month for over twenty consecutive years, she has coached multiple online and offline groups, helping close to a thousand multi-hyphenate creators, freelancers, and artists advance their careers, plug their mental energy leaks, and strengthen their business muscles. Past lives include 9 years as an actor in her hometown of Los Angeles and 17 years as an award-winning professional organizer. She loves the color green, ice cream, and deep conversations with dynamic people.

happy clients

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“The Q&A truly soothed my heart today. Like a weight has been lifted and I know the way forward. I’m not going to write my whole story, but just know that you are changing lives.”
“Thank you for your limitless intelligence, humor, kindness, and help with getting us artists straightened up, financially!”
“Thank you for such a great program and for dedicating your time to other artists. I’ve learned so much, and am excited to continue my financial knowledge. I recommend your courses to every actor I know!”