How might you thrive with a guide by your side?

personal mentorship

This private, one-on-one program is specifically designed for those who are ready to permanently transform their financial future.

Whether you’ve just experienced a sudden windfall, or you are planning to expand your family, or you are simply tired of living with too much chaos and instability with regards to your money, we will provide you with unparalleled structure, support, and accountability, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks as you move smoothly, calmly, and quickly towards your goals.

We take a stand for you. We help you eliminate avoidance and wishful thinking. We encourage practical action, guiding you through the process of designing and implementing a personalized “money plan” that puts you in complete control of your wealth and wellbeing.

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we’ve helped a wide variety of clients claim a new financial future…

  • Paralyzed by student loan debt. This client came to us because she was overwhelmed – emotionally and financially – by her student load debts. She couldn’t see a path forward because she was telling herself the story that “she couldn’t / shouldn’t move forward on anything else in her life unless she first erased this huge obstacle.” During our work together, we helped her release the guilt and shame she had attached to the debt and enabled her to view the debt as just one pice of her financial puzzle – and one that didn’t warrant all of her focus. In fact, we shifted her focus to a plan of action that rejuvenated her sense of hope and gave her the breathing room to take her career to the next level and decide to start a family.

  • Desiring multiple streams of income. Although his main career was moving forward fast (and was financially fruitful), this client was determined not to put all of his income eggs in that one basket. Knowing that his talents could be monetized in multiple ways, he came to us seeking guidance on how to design and launch a side business that would allow him to be of maximum service to his community. Together, we organized his finances and put systems in place that are enabling him to build his new biz from a place of strength and clarity.
  • Managing an injection of capital. After receiving a large investment in her production company, this client wanted our guidance regarding how to manage, track, and report back to her investors about this money and how to mindfully allocate these resources as she built out her team and funded new projects. We fully supported her as she expanded through this period of tremendous growth – from being a creator-for-hire to becoming the head of a project development company.
  • From used car to six-figures. Initially, this client came to us after getting into a car accident simply wanting to know how to qualify for a loan to buy a used car. As we helped him organize his finances and taught him how to revenue model, a new, entrepreneurial fire was lit in his belly. Once he had this firm financial footing in place, he increased his income, courageously embraced growth, and created a six-figure enterprise from the ground up.
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what can we do for you?

As your personal money mentors, we are here to meet you wherever you are at – financially and emotionally – and to customize a road map that will lead to wherever you would like to go.
We will provide you with ongoing structure and responsive trouble-shooting to ensure that you have everything you need to understand and powerfully execute the daily, weekly, and monthly actions that will move you towards your financial goals.
Together, we can…
  • … determine your precise financial starting point.
  • …formulate the primary financial goals that best support you and your personal and professional life.
  • …create a personalized system for tracking your income and expenses.
  • …develop some short term savings that allows you to stabilize.
  • …strengthen an existing side business or strategize for a new one.
  • …identify your strongest paths to additional streams of income.
  • …implement a plan for debt management (if necessary).
  • …begin the process of building wealth for the future.
Above all else, this mentorship experience will renew and revitalize your relationship with money. You will know what kept you stuck or scared or stymied, and you will have the tools to keep yourself moving forward from here on out.


“Tomorrow night I am being nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Play by the Ovation Awards. But that’s not why I write. I write to send my gratitude to you. Thank you for helping me clean up shop. Thank you for your limitless intelligence, humor, kindness and (side) mission of getting us artists smartened up and straightened up, financially. You are damn good at your job, I am so humbled by your skills. Whatever the results tomorrow, I want you to know you have played an instrumental part in this journey. Here’s to the wondrous path that is being an Artist.”
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Liza Fernandez

“Since I started mentorship sessions, I have stabilized my spending, created additional sources of income within my field of music, and finally feel free to enjoy the process of consciously building my dream career as a performer. Some artists find it romantic, maybe even inspiring, to be struggling…and often, to be struggling financially. I know I did. But when I realized that this idea of “figuring the money stuff out AFTER I make it big or sell a song” was actually keeping me stuck, I knew it was time to make a change & become accountable for myself. Always supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental, my coach creates a space that allows me to be honest about money, and out of this space I am able to make changes and see results in my life. She has helped me get clear on my career goals and the concrete action I need to take to make progress. Pursuing my music career from a financial place of “having” as opposed to “lacking” makes me feel good about myself, not to mention the process of making art a WHOLE lot more fun.”
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David Forest

The Money Mentorship Packages

  • The Clarity Package
  • 3 months ($300 per month / $900 total)
  • This package is ideal for the person seeking personalized support and accountability as you develop complete clarity around your current financial situation, establishing effective systems and strategies for getting from where you are now, to exactly where you want to be.
  • You’ll come away with a detailed Financial Forecast – no more guessing where your money goes every month – AND an individualized plan for reaching your financial goals.
  • Your first payment will be charged immediately, with remaining payments automatically charged each month throughout the duration of your mentorship package.
3 Months Buy Now
  • The Clarity + Expansion Package
  • 12 months ($250 per month / $3000 total)
  • Deep and durable change in your financial picture, comes from consistent money behaviors applied over time. Our 1-year mentorship program is designed for individuals who are ambitious in their progress and who want ongoing consistency and support to create significant, positive and lasting results in their finances.
  • In our 12 months together, you’ll develop a strong financial foundation AND new skills around money that will become your natural and automatic way of being. Working closely with your mentor, you’ll learn to be the captain of your financial journey. This program allows you the time and space to strengthen your money mindset and expand your vision, becoming a person who interacts with and experiences money in a completely different way.
  • Your first payment will be charged immediately, with remaining payments automatically charged each month throughout the duration of your mentorship package.
12 Months Buy Now
  • For the duration of your chosen package, you will meet with your mentor for one 60-minute session each month. In these sessions, we will answer your questions, share insights, and plan action steps… replacing your uncertainty with clarity and confidence. No more guessing about what you should do or how you should do it.
  • Immediately upon registration you will receive an email that will include our mentorship program contract and a link to schedule your first session.
  • Prior to this first meeting, you’ll complete a questionnaire that will help you summarize your current financial challenges as well as the goals that you would like us to help you accomplish. This information allows us to hit the ground running.
  • If you have questions or need some additional guidance about which package might be the best fit for you, we are happy to schedule a brief, informational conversation. Please make that request on the form below.