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Hear From Some of Our Graduates

I wasn't able to thank you with the utmost gratitude for your incredible program. It has already helped me in so many ways and couldn't have been happier that I was able to participate. Thank you again.
I am joining the program from Germany, so I am 9 hours ahead. So far all the sessions and videos are amazing and helpful and my relationship with money is slowly changing, I can already feel it happening. All the best from Berlin!
Thank you! Amazing class today. On behalf of my DGA colleagues, this is an incredible gift to us. Much gratitude!
I just want to share a victory - for the first time in my relationship I was able to talk with my partner about money with ease, clarity, curiosity, and even a sense of play. We have turned a corner because of this Money Management course. You have offered a language that both of us truly understand and agree on! It's thrilling. And I am excited about reframing money as opportunity instead of something to fear. Thank you so much! I'll sing your praises everywhere!
I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you. Back in 2020 I took your class through the Actors Fund, and it was truly the first time in my life where I ever thought of my relationship with money as something within my power to change. And though it took me some time to be able to fully focus on creating that positive change for myself, I'm beyond grateful to be here. The work you do is invaluable. I'm sure you know that already. But I figure it can't hurt to hear it again. So thrilled to jump into the Financial Empowerment Program and grow in abundance!
Thank you so much for all of your beautiful work! I have gotten SO SO SO much out of this course so far. I swear, I am looking differently at my books and my future and my freedom (yes, I discovered I actually have a measure of financial freedom just by organizing and shifting just a few things!). I'm sure a ton of people are heaping praise on you, and I am adding my loud voice to that chorus. THANK YOU!
I’m really enjoying our class each week and very thankful for you and your team. This has been a weird financial year, but I already feel more organized and inspired.
Hello and huge thanks for a life-changing experience!
I’m loving the class. It’s going to change my life.
Abundance Bound is changing my life. I have so much more power around my finances right now, it's crazy!! :) I just have completely changed my mindset since coming to Abundance Bound. You are a serious force to be reckoned with and I am so grateful to you for shining your light in this world!!!!!
I want to start off by saying THANK YOU. This has been the best class I’ve taken in a long time. I started getting serious about my finances in 2019. I read books, saw financial planners, and started investing. I also found it frustrating though because no one talked to me from an artist's point of view. I am learning so much, and I really feel I am taking my financial knowledge and independence to the next level.
This class has been very helpful to me and came at the absolute perfect time. I am on a financial awakening journey, determined to become more in control of our financial situation. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster for us for the past 5 years and I have a lot of shame and regret about how I handled things. I’m trying to let that go moving forward. I feel I’m in a pivotal time of making some bigger financial decisions in my life and this guidance is an enormous help.
I've missed the last couple of classes, but I'm catching up on recordings and looking forward to our last week. This class has been extraordinary! Thank you so much.
This class is really useful and I'm glad the DGA is sponsoring it. It’s nice to visually see where my money “issues" are. Numbers don’t lie, and we can’t separate clearly knowing from doing, right?
THANK YOU for thoughtfully answering my questions re: SEP IRA + Solo 401k. I got confused during my research and it created more questions, which probably confused me...even more. You segmented it perfectly, even using nice round numbers to help determine my max contribution was SO helpful! Thank you for defining the gray areas. You are a gift!
I have been in your program for over a year and I truly appreciate the effort and love you have put into helping us have a healthy relationship with our financial abundance. There are no judgments, and this is very crucial to my mental health. They are always open and receptive to where we are at. I continue to take the Money Mindset and Money Management Live courses every time they open. I still don’t have my numbers, but I know that I will get there. Thank you again, lots of joy!
This course changed my life. Period. I was not in debt. I had various savings plans, and I thought I had a good relationship with money. I did not. I had fear, and fear is not control. Riding the wave is not having plan. Money Management Live provided me with an overarching philosophy to apply to my relationship with and use of money and it provided tangible tools and systems to get myself organized and turn fear into a functional money management system.
The time management and the weekly focus on money which allowed me to spend the needed time to break down my budget has been the most helpful. I thought our leader had a good energy and really explained things well. Overall it really helped me change some ingrained bad habits and I have a much better handle on my budget/money for the first time in 35 years.
I thought I was already really organized before, but doing the work from this course really helped me see where every dollar I spend is going. I know now how to plan ahead for the future, especially when my income is inconsistent on a monthly basis. I've never carried any credit card debt, but this course has given me the tools to know how best I can help the people closest to me manage their debt and create pay off plans. I was skeptical about if this course would benefit me at first, but it was offered at the perfect time and I figured "why not?" I'm so glad I did, and I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of their financial situation. I've been able to apply what we've discussed to other aspects of my life too, including setting goals with personal deadlines, and knowing what exactly is "enough" for me. It's also inspired me to continue reading about money management, and become comfortable having difficult conversations about money.
I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU! The timing of this class has been remarkable. I have been struggling with my finances and have not made my tax deadlines in 3 years. And before that I was just barely making it. I never started tracking. Partially because I didn’t feel I had to. I could always pay my bills and frankly I didn’t want to spend the little spare time I had dealing with it. Every time I sat down to deal with my taxes, there has been shame, fear, and paralysis. Pre-covid, I would sit with my accountant and he and I would go through everything together. And even then I was alway a little lost in those meetings. I lacked financial literacy. With this class the paralysis has ended. Everyday I work on my class work and my taxes. I have finally created a sustainable filing system. What I have also learned is that I really enjoy & miss learning about money! I love the holistic approach toward understanding and recognition that there is a lot of baggage in doing this work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
I wanted to let you know that I am so thankful to you for this class and everything that you do for artists. You are truly a gift and bring integrity to our profession. My experience with this class has been a huge revelation. It was the perfect combination of being on the brink of quitting Acting altogether, struggling with my motivation in my side job and wondering if it was worth spending most of my last two years paying to be on the sidelines of my career because I no longer had the financial security. I truly thought that there was no longer a way to be an artist AND have the other good things in life and the sacrifice was becoming one sided. With this class I made some major life cuts and I’m hoping to stay in the game. I decided to temporarily leave LA during Covid and put my rent money toward debts. I certainly would not have been so bold had it not been for knowing exactly where I stood financially because of your class.
Miata Edoga is hands down the most impactful speaker we have had come to our program. I was looking to have a more nuanced conversation around abundance than the popular self-development "get rich quick" conversation—which often fails to take culture, identity, and context into consideration, and lacks practical application beyond "positive thinking." Miata exceeded my expectations—she is filled with integrity, a movement-maker, and the real deal. Her depth-filled yet actionable approach, paradigm-shifting frameworks, and her authentic and powerful speaking style made our time with her absolutely unforgettable–our members can't stop talking about her interview! Her speaking, teaching, and guidance is a true gift.
Wow...I don’t even know how to process everything that’s happened within the last few days. I got into a car accident and ended up purchasing a new car last week 😬. (FYI I’m upside down and I’ve never had a car loan). And I work for a very small business and was told by my boss that she won’t let me go right away, but that my time at the company would most likely come to an end very soon. But, I just wanted to thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. I’m so thankful that I know where I stand financially and am able to make choices based on the hard and honest facts. I’m worried, but not nearly as worried as I would be if I hadn't been in your class. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It’s a challenge to actually find the words that articulate just how life changing and life affirming this has been. As much as it's been terrifying and confrontational and horrifying also haha! Thank you for this incredible, sensitive, generous work that you have committed yourself to. I have been so blessed by you, your story, your process and your teaching. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for all the time and care and thoughtfulness you have put into this program and into each class. I’ve taken this work and I’m running with it, even if sometimes I stumble. I can already see so much fruit and know that there’s more gold that I’ll see as I continue on. One of my favorite quotes is: ‘When the student is ready - the teacher appears.’ Thank you for remaining present, relevant and vital so that we could receive all this and see clearly at a blessed moment of readiness. Thank you so much.
It is difficult to put into words the impact your teaching and caring has made on my relationship with money - yes - but more so with myself. How taking good care of finances has made me take better care of myself in other areas. Thank you! I want to tell all my fellow artists that the processes work. I have put them in play whenever possible - and they work!
You are a precious gem, great in teaching, and so patient. You turned my whole attitude around the way I dealt with my money/finances. Thank you again!!!
I wanted to thank you so much. Since starting the program this summer I have raised my credit 100 points. I am now in the good range. It feels fabulous and I am so excited to continue on the journey. Thank you so much for all your knowledge. Looking forward to learning more from you.
Just want to share good news. I was able to focus and pay off my smaller student loans in October and it just showed on my FedLoan account! Yay! It was about $5K. Thanks for your sage advice. It was very hard to let go of that lump sum but well worth it. The feeling of getting that “paid in full” email was like a weight had lifted. AMAZING! I also paid off my cell phone balance so I now fully own my iPhone X. Again, I truly appreciate you and wish you a life of great abundance. You are a champion of life and liberty.
I want to thank you for helping empower me through my financial health, without which I would not have been able to entirely fund and executive produce this film by myself. It was so liberating to know exactly how much of my resources I could allocate and to feel confident each time I wrote a check that I was spending it on something that truly mattered to me. I can't tell you how many times I have spoken your name with jubilation as I whole-heartedly recommend you to my friends. Please let me know if there is any other way I can support the visions for your company. I would love to collaborate in sharing your message and curriculum in any way I can.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic class today! I've listened to a bunch of podcast episodes you've been on so your work has been on my radar for a while and I've been wanting to take the class for a long time! I'm so glad I was finally about to do it. For me, having tangible steps to move forward always feels like the most massive exhale and, in all my Type-A glory, I love having a project! I'm looking forward to diving into the work and creating a more stable and sustainable future!
The Money Management course with Abundance Bound will strengthen your money skills. I have been using Quick Books for years and tracking, so I thought I was ahead of the curve. But after taking this class, I learned I can do better. I love that Miata said a miscellaneous category is basically like a junk drawer at home. Well.. I'm working on getting my junk in check. I am adding additional categories, so I can have a very concrete dollar amount of my spending. Their whole outlook with money is refreshing, comforting, and they offer lots of great advice. Thank you Miata and the whole Abundance Bound Team!
Can I just say how awesome you are? I want to thank you for gently leading us down this organized path. I am far from finishing the homework you gave us over the past 6 weeks but I have started to do my lists with an eye on streamlining and automating my budget. It’s very exciting to know that I can do this! ‘The Simple Path to Wealth’ just arrived that I will keep at my bedside. Right now I'm listening to you talk about the ‘basket spreading out the risk’. It’s awesome how you explain things!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You are a really empowering and engaging teacher; thank you for helping me turn a page in my financial life. I went through about 2 years of income and spending to log in my workbook as my finances vary much more on a bi-yearly scale for which 6 months wouldn't really account. I learned a lot about myself doing this and already feel like I now have a sense of my habits and needs, which gives me a clearer path towards budgeting sensibly for the future and also eliminating the holes in my boat so to speak. :) I wish you well and thank you again. I have recommended you to several artist friends of mine already.
Thank you so very much for today's workshop!! I love your energy and soaked up all the valuable information you gave us. I'm excited to continue on and learn more from you. You've given me hope and light to my financial future!! Thank you ...thank you..thank you!!!
Thanks to all I’ve learned from you so far, my husband and I have paid off over 40k in student loans and high interest credit card debt! Woohoo!
I wanted to share that I’ve just made my very first investment in my very first retirement account. I’m so proud of me... But I couldn’t have done any of it without YOU!
A note to send you my heartfelt gratitude for the resources and the calm that you present for our Abundance Bound group. We benefit from your lessons and meetings. Together we will come out of this; to create a new normal and bring about positive change.
I am grateful that you exist. You have the spirit and compassion this world needs. Thank you for the hope you give us. You've made the world a better place for so many years, from you THROUGH all of us. It's a ripple effect that extends far beyond your reach, we are all extensions of our learnings from you. Thank you for being our life's greatest teacher (no pressure). You've given ME such peace, comfort + guidance.
Just wanted to say thank you! Because of you I now have some savings and knowledge to act and restructure my finances right away. I'm gonna face a hard hard time but you made the burden a little easier.
I am so grateful for you for inspiring me to really take charge and get my financial life together. After doing my 6 month statement categorizing, I already feel empowered to make smarter, more intentional choices moving forward. Thank you so much!
I want to start off by saying THANK YOU. This has been the best investment I have made in a long time. I started getting serious about my finances in 2019. I read books, saw financial planners, started investing. I also found it frustrating though because no one talked to me from an artist's point of view. I am learning so much, and really feel I am taking my financial knowledge and independence to the next level.
You are heaven-sent. Thank you for the awareness you’ve given me about the paperwork, organization, and preparation it takes to build solvency and wealth. I’ve moved from the debt cycle to the wealth cycle since taking your class. At least in the credit card department. (I’m still chipping away slowly on my student loans.) I started my S-Corp last month too! Thanks for all of your encouragement! I’m so grateful for you!
When I first looked at the Abundance Bound programs, I wondered if they would be relevant to me as an artist who is not living in the United States. By the end of my second week as a member, I was convinced that this was one of the most useful things I have done for my artistic career since deciding to be a full time artist. This education is of immense value to all artists, whatever their art form, and wherever in the world they’re based. Although I’m already a successful, working artist, there were areas of my finances and business that I wasn’t focusing on. Through this program, I overcame the blocks that were keeping me from addressing these arenas. I am now truly comfortable recognizing that my artistic career is also a business. Already, my fee is increasing and with the increased financial stability, I’m able to concentrate more on the art I want to create. Miata is a generous teacher, giving much more than just financial education. I feel truly supported by someone who cares about helping me become both financially and artistically more successful. She has designed a program that I think all people who are setting out on a creative career should study, alongside their chosen craft.
Abundance Bound are THE experts on money management for creatives! They enthusiastically give you tools to become the master of your money, gaining total integrity and creating clarity and order within your financial life. Having a clean and strong foundation for our money to grow powerfully is essential for anyone looking to expand spiritually and materially. I came to Abundance Bound feeling powerless over my finances and lacked the knowledge of how to even begin to craft a healthy relationship with money. Miata’s knowledge, experience and step by step guidance have empowered me no end. As I started to implement her teaching my income slowly and steadily increased, while my debt decreased. I’ve discovered a real interest, motivation and actual excitement in tracking my income/expenses, managing debt, even doing taxes. I can’t recommend a better place than the Abundance Bound Financial Empowerment Program for reaching your financial goals!
Wow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your positive energy, lack of judgment and spin on finances really resonates with me. As someone who wants to be mindful of my carbon footprint I frequently think about and evaluate relationships I’m in with things in my physical space but it never occurred to me to apply the concept of a relationship to my finances. I can’t tell you how impressed I am at how far your relationship with money has come from the story you told about having 11 side hustles and almost missing the curtain for gas money. At points in your presentation I was almost moved to tears by your passion for and understanding of the specific financial challenges of the Entertainment Industry. You made me remember how much I love finances and how little I’ve nurtured that relationship, and really taken it for granted in the last few years. I was able to stay financially afloat as an actor with a side job (doing actor’s taxes) for 13 years when I was single but after I got married I didn’t put in the work to grow and develop my relationship with money so that I had a forecast and a plan (and boundaries) that would adapt into my marriage and account for the time and financial demands of becoming a mom. But I’m determined and inspired by listening to you to get to work on my financial relationship and get myself and my family back to a place I am comfortable with financially. I want to learn everything you are teaching.
Thank You. Even though I'm weighing all the uncertainties during this time, I'm able to be at ease because of the work you've guided me through the last year. The past year was an extremely challenging time for me and I'm super grateful that I've done the work and continue to do so with the tools you shared. Because of the things you taught me, I entered the week clear on my numbers and maintained my weekly finance date this afternoon even though I knew more money went out versus coming in. Honestly, nothing beats the feeling of ease I have in this moment due to our work together, my unwavering Faith and new understanding of what it truly means to take powerful action for my Life.
I will forever be grateful that I discovered Abundance Bound. My wife and I have just purchased our first home, a goal that I set when I began reading books recommended in the program. I gained a clear set of tools not just for managing my money, but more importantly, my mindset in really, truly, pursuing an abundant life, rich in the things that matter most to me. To say this learning has changed my life is a dramatic understatement. I've transformed through this work from a freelance Actor / Photographer who had difficulty getting a loan for a used car to a creative professional who is confident and organized in their financial situation with multiple streams of revenue. Thank you Abundance Bound for giving me the tools and mindset to make my life free and beautiful.
The Abundance Bound programs have literally totally changed the way that I think about money. The way they work is deceptively simple. When I first started, it seemed that the opening instructions were essentially to “tidy my filing cabinet”. I remember thinking, 'Oh great, what kind of nonsense have I just thrown my money at now?' Little did I know then that these easy, practical and artist-friendly instructions would not only revolutionize the way I paid off debt, then saved and planned for the future but also massively improve the way I sought work and therefore earned from my art or otherwise. Their personal attention is kind, intelligent and brilliantly helpful. I couldn't recommend Abundance Bound enough.
I've been wanting to tell you-- since taking your classes, I've realized I really love working with numbers and landed a really awesome job at a business management firm for entertainers. I started as data entry in Feb 2021 at 16/hr and am now an assistant business manager making about $27 an hour, full time. They are also pretty flexible with my schedule; if I have a shoot day on a weekday, I can work on a Saturday to get my hours in. I am so grateful for your advice early in the pandemic to focus on getting a main hustle rather than all the side hustles I was pitching. I hope you are doing super well and I thank you so much for your time and advice.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills to help us make better decisions with our money matters! I'm so excited about the direction my financial future is taking. I love moving my money around and seeing it compartmentalized in different areas. Before, everything was coming out of one account and I just didn't take it seriously. The simple act of giving my cash flow purpose makes me want to save more and see each of these new areas grow. In just a short while I've been able to come face to face with my spending habits and redirect them into habits that feel more mature and logical and "big-picture". I'm kinda obsessed. And I love it. Thank you again for everything you do. You are like some kind of magical money wizard.
Because of your program, I now know what it means to build a business from a place of strength, as I build my creative career ahead of me. All I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank you. I don't think you could ever know how much of a blessing you are to me in my life, and I am sure many others. I am forever grateful for your kindness, wisdom, vulnerability and leadership. You were one of the first people since I began my career that said, with hard work it is possible. Like you always say, being an artist is a choice. And I am happy I have chosen to go after my dream, put together a plan and live in power.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your insight and wisdom throughout this program. It's all still a little overwhelming, but I’ve learned so much and feel I have an overall better grasp and awareness of my current financial situation and how to prepare for my future. I really appreciate all the time and care you took creating this course, and please know that what you are doing is truly invaluable. We need more people like you in the world!
Thank you Miata for such an amazing course. You really are a masterful facilitator, inspiring speaker, with a very down to earth energy that makes what you are teaching accessible and understandable to me even though I’ve been an ostrich with my head in the sand all my life.
I cannot thank you enough for your generosity of knowledge and spirit. I am so grateful to have met you and look forward to continuing the journey. I’ve had a huge breakthrough regarding my core beliefs about success and this program was a huge factor in that. Thank you for being a stand for other entertainment professionals to learn how to treat their business like a business and get their financial lives in order.
Thank you so much. You are seriously changing my life. I have always been so scared of money and now I am just brimming with excitement and possibilities. You are a gift to the world!
You've been an amazing force in my life and through your classes I've been able to reflect deeply on not only my financial health, but my creative health/spiritual health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I can't thank you enough for this completely life changing class. You are so wonderful. You make all my financial goals seem possible and I so appreciate the care and passion you bring to your teaching. I plan on recommending so many people to Abundance Bound.
Thank you for putting this program together and sharing your knowledge because I have been asking the universe for solid wisdom around my finances for many years and finally was led to Abundance Bound. I feel and see the shift in my power and clarity with money and I am truly grateful. Thank you for your savvy guidance and straightforward tasks making it all possible!
Thank you Miata! Had a productive Saturday filing! I let go of soooo much in the filing cabinet and straightened files I had put off. Moved onto setting up electronic folders then downloading financial files. Discovered a missing bank statement from this year’s May so will reach out to the bank when I’m done and I now know it is the only statement missing. Amazing how much lighter I am feeling! Had to share the news! Thank you for the tools and guidance!
Everything about the Abundance Bound courses has been profoundly enriching and valuable. I have made major changes, and for the first time in my life, I feel in control of my money. My file drawers are a model of organization and I've found some papers that are going to be critically important as I outline my business plan for seeking commissioned portraits of people and pets.
The Q&A truly soothed my heart today. Like a weight has been lifted and I know the way forward. I'm not going to write my whole story, but just know that you are changing lives.
I've made many financial strides since first joining your program - booking a series being one of them - and am happy to say I’ve gained so much fiscal-strategy awareness by studying with you.
Thanks to this outstanding program, I got to work, got control of my finances and launched a thriving multi-media education company designed to teach and inspire kids and adults to take positive action for the planet. My income continues to increase each year, as does my savings!
I hope you always remember the creatives you have helped and supported to have a healthier and happier relationship with their finances; and the freedom and opportunities that come with that.That is such a profound legacy. When I first started your program, I was several thousands of dollars in debt on multiple credit cards, I had a variety of odd jobs, that all together scarcely made ends meet, and "investing" in my career always felt stressful. Now my partner and I are both fully out of debt and spend our time in better paying jobs. That has allowed us to save for future goals, have an emergency fund, and enjoy fun things like vacationing without stress. Our next step is to start investing, and building assets. There’s still more work to be done which is why I love that I can ask questions as a part of this Financial Empowerment Program. But I know this level of clarity wouldn't have been possible without your guidance.
I LOVE the Financial Empowerment Program! I really benefited from taking Money Management once with the CSA and then re-watching and continuing to work on it here along with Money Mindset. Because my work on studio shows was so consistent, the pandemic is the first time I felt like my income was unpredictable and coming to that realization through this was a game changer. I got more organized, diligently tracked my income and mostly diligently tracked my expenses this past year and was able to really forecast for the first time ever. I think this is the first year I'll actually know where all my money came from and everywhere it went - amazing! I thought I was organized but turns out - I wasn't! I'm now debt free, have 3-6 months of expenses and almost done saving for a down payment on a house. My three biggest goals accomplished!
Today, a few weeks after finishing the Management course, I already feel much more financially stable. I'm saving money in a smart way, so I can begin investing. Because we completed the program together, my partner and I have a shared language and more frequent, substantive communication around our finances. Finally, and possibly most importantly, because of the work I did calculating "my number”, I was able to successfully negotiate a wage increase/life balance shift with my main employer, which aligns more with my values. Not ever having been a person who writes down goals, I think I’ve been depriving myself of the opportunity to celebrate my achievements. I think this small change alone can significantly improve one's relationship with themself. A vast possibility of growth presents itself, and I wanted to thank you for sharing these skills. You are a truly wonderful teacher, and we’re so lucky to have met you.
I'm writing to say THANK YOU! I'm so grateful for you and all your incredible info, insight, and beautiful energy. I really believe this will be a life changing year, in large part because of the tools you’ve shared. This is so much more than a financial class, and I cannot thank you enough. I'm so looking forward to continuing this journey with you!
This has been such a great program! I’m grateful that I’ve been able to get through the big tracking assignment …And with money beginning to come in with more flow, I know we can get our financial house in better shape. Thank you again for all of your amazing knowledge, wisdom and sense of humor & fun in presenting it all … and your beautiful compassion and interest in all of our journeys!
I'm so proud to be a part of this program and it has given me returns far and above the financial commitment I have made. Thank you! And so excited to continue the journey together!
Miata is so wonderful at taking any financial question and really breaking it down in an accessible way. She’s so smart and she treats us like we are very smart, and in addition to that, makes it accessible and relatable and practical so that we can actually execute some of the bigger ideas that she introduces us to - like how to build a financial system for yourself. So, I really appreciate that about her. And that she can do it in the moment, too - can do it on her feet. I mean, she’s been through it and now she speaks to it so well.
The fiscal habits I've formed as a result of this program set me up perfectly to handle our recent home purchase as well as providing a strong financial picture for anyone looking into our finances. When I started, I had no idea that we'd be in a position to start investing several months, but here we are. Btw, I allot 10-11:30am every day to family finances and know where every penny is going or coming at any given moment and we're now in a great jumping off point into this new venture. So much appreciation, thanks again.
I'm a freelancer in the opera industry, and I started your program last summer. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your classes and your commitment to helping artists with their finances. Since I took my first workshop, I was able to pay off $24k in credit card debt and personal loans. I still have an astronomical amount of federal student loans to pay off, but being able to pay off my last credit card felt like a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. It's so incredibly freeing to feel like I'm now approaching my finances from a place of power instead of a place of fear. I'm excited about my continued journey of financial wellness. Thank you for helping me get started.
I wanted to say how amazing this opportunity has been. I believe that you have changed my whole perspective on finances. It used to be something I not only didn't understand but also avoided because it put a bad taste in my mouth, I was embarrassed by my poor ability to manage my finances, and it caused a lot of tension with my husband. Now, I can see how much freedom it gives me to be in charge of overseeing my finances. I am the CEO of my life, not something blowing in the wind, and as such I have the capacity to truly create my future no matter where I start from. That's very empowering.
This program has surpassed any expectation I might have had. You would never know you have been doing this for 16 years- your passion and commitment is so full and rich and your knowledge and style just blows me away! You’ve inspired me on so many levels to finally get on board and DO THE WORK! After 30 plus years in the business, it’s about time. I am so grateful for you. Your passion, your knowledge, your generosity, the list goes on… You have a real gift and you are really helping people and REALLY helping me. Yesterday, you managed to discuss my ‘room’ in a way that was not judgemental and shaming and gave me a real way to face the assignments and not get sucked into the vortex of the whole thing. It all means so much to me. Truly.
I've been implementing the strategies I learned in the Abundance Bound seminar series, and they are now integrated into a sustainable lifestyle for me. Your coaching helped me gain confidence and self-awareness. It increased my ability to self-reflect on how I view my finances. I now operate in a mindset of abundance and can see how much I intrinsically have to offer this world as an Artist. FYI, I just graduated with a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree this past summer and will start practicing as a licensed OTD, OTR on 10/1/2023! Words cannot explain how grateful I am to you and for your guidance. You helped me learn creative ways to sustain my passions, become financially solvent, and thrive as a Creative. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you!
I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU FOR MIATA EDOGA!!!! You continue to change my world for the better day by day!!! Your daily wisdom, ongoing support , breadth and depth of your knowledge and understanding of a healthy Financial world but also the COMMUNITY you have CREATED and continue to create has become a vital part of my life’s blood!!! I just cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a member of this wonderful community of like minded people. Right now I am still receiving unemployment but ...all bills are up to date , mortgage included , in a little debt but paying it down AND ... drumroll please ... There is money in our checking account 😁😁 I still don’t have all my ducks in a row.. planned savings routine, wealth savings routine , revenue modeling but.... I KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS!!!! And have goals in regards to these things … The I AM RESPONSIBLE, power cycle/pain cycle awareness is sooo valuable. You are our Treasure, Miata and we are ALL Billionaires just knowing you and being blessed enough to have you as our Fearless leader of Finance!!!
When I started your class I was under a heap of debt, mainly from credit cards: $35,000 give or take. After two years of hard work, I am now 12 months away from being debt free. Which is... an incredible feat for me. I don't think I've ever been so proud of myself in my life. Like... it feels Herculean!! (Quarantine may set this goal back a bit for me, but we'll see - so far I've been able to hold steady with planned savings and some residuals). I am now in the exciting stage of the "debt payment snowball" where I'm down to one credit card balance. This brings me so much JOY, I cannot even tell you...! Thank you. You are doing so much for so many and I am deeply grateful for what you make available to actors and artists of all kinds out there. You are a national treasure. Thank you for giving me tools and a roadmap.
Tomorrow night I am being nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Play by the Ovation Awards. But that's not why I write. I write to send my gratitude to you. Thank you for helping me clean up shop. Thank you for your limitless intelligence, humor, kindness and mission of getting us artists smartened up and straightened up, financially. You are damn good at your job, I am so humbled by your skills. Whatever the results tomorrow, I want you to know you have played an instrumental part in this journey. Here's to the wondrous path that is being an Artist.
Thank you for showing up in this world to help me get a solid handle on my finances. I really can't thank you enough. Words can not express how I feel during and after our sessions. You explain so clearly everything I need to know about making my creative life a success. You know first hand what we, as fellow artists, are feeling and thinking and experiencing. It's a call to action and I hear you loud and clear.
Since I started working with Abundance Bound, I have stabilized my spending, created additional sources of income within my field of music, and finally feel free to enjoy the process of consciously building my dream career as a performer. Some artists find it romantic, maybe even inspiring, to be struggling...and often, to be struggling financially. I know I did. But when I realized that this idea of "figuring the money stuff out AFTER I make it big or sell a song" was actually keeping me stuck, I knew it was time to make a change & become accountable for myself. Always supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental, Miata creates a space that allows me to be honest about money, and out of this space I am able to make changes and see results in my life. She has helped me get clear on my career goals and the concrete action I need to take to make progress. Pursuing my music career from a financial place of "having" as opposed to "lacking" makes me feel good about myself, not to mention the process of making art a WHOLE lot more fun.
I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU, because I have made GIANT leaps in my finances, and I know that I was able to do so in large part because of the coaching I received from you. When I first started with Abundance Bound, I calculated my net worth at $5000. Now after 3 years, I not only have an IRA in place and a separate money market account that I make monthly contributions to... I also BOUGHT A HOUSE!... BY MYSELF... WITH ALL MY OWN MONEY! Thanks so much again for everything you do... this has been life changing to say the least!
After doing our shared monthly profit & loss assessment, my husband and I were shocked to find out that we are overspending by around $2200 every month and that - even if we got that number down to zero, the monthly expense number is still way too high in our opinion. Also, the last five years were really good regarding our non-traditional earnings, but we are doubtful about the monthly average profit being as high for the next five years. So, there is no way around it: We have to get out number down radically. Do you have a good strategy on where and how to start cutting the costs? (Good news, we have no debt and a bit of financial buffer. So it is not an emergency situation but it would have become one without this course!!)
I've been implementing the strategies I learned in the Abundance Bound seminar series, and they are now integrated into a sustainable lifestyle for me. Your coaching helped me gain confidence and self-awareness. It increased my ability to self-reflect on how I view my finances. I now operate in a mindset of abundance and can see how much I intrinsically have to offer this world as an Artist. FYI, I just graduated with a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree this past summer and will start practicing as a licensed OTD, OTR on 10/1/2023! Words cannot explain how grateful I am to you and for your guidance. You helped me learn creative ways to sustain my passions, become financially solvent, and thrive as a Creative. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you!
I paid for my dance classes, cheerleading, vocal lessons, as well as worked my way through school paying for my undergrad. I bought my first house when I was 26 and pride myself on the fact that I am knowledgeable in this field. However, I believe I have developed a bad relationship with money because of it. While I knew most of the steps we discussed in the session, I feel like your approach helped me start to repair that relationship and not see it as a bad thing that the world depends on.
When I got out of college, I didn’t know that I didn’t know anything about managing my money. Not too many years later, I was on the brink of abandoning my creative dreams because the debt was too overwhelming. No one taught me how to make a budget, project my expenses or deal with fluctuating income, much less what deductions a self-employed creative person could take. Then I found Abundance Bound. They gave me the tools I needed to manage my finances and also taught me how to shift my mindset regarding money. I learned how to lay out a personalized plan to reach my financial and professional goals. They walked me through each step, providing support and encouragement when the prospect of being debt-free was just a pipe dream, and when that day finally did come, they made sure I had a sustainable plan in place to avoid a financial “relapse.” I loved working with Miata because she listened to my frustrations and reassured me that I could overcome what seemed insurmountable at the start and that I could do so without having to put my creative pursuits on hold. When I needed help figuring out a side business that would support my creative life, she was there ready to assist and help me work through my plans. As I move into the next phase of my life and start growing my wealth, I know that I have a strong foundation and a place to turn to when I have questions or get overwhelmed. The peace of mind that comes with understanding my finances and knowing how to handle anything that pops up has liberated me in my professional life, and I am now able to take more creative risks that are more rewarding. Miata is more than a financial coach - she is a champion of dreams! The work she is doing is crucial to the continued existence of artists in America. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, Abundance Bound is absolutely a solution to the perplexing world of money management. These teachings should be required for anyone getting a degree from college. Thank you Abundance Bound for giving me my financial freedom!
When my close friend suggested that I take your class on money management, as I cried on her shoulders about how I couldn't manage the up and down of my finances in this crazy career of ours, I would NEVER have guessed that I would be led down this 2+ year path of learning to live in the power cycle with my finances - so that I could weather something as severe as a total work stoppage due to a worldwide pandemic - and still keep my sanity in check. And I absolutely NEVER imagined that Miata and her teachings would put me on a path to financial stability that would allow me to stay in a career that I love but was ready to leave as its instability was making me so terribly unhappy. You are giving all of us such a wonderful gift when you share your empathy, your humor, your knowledge, your mistakes, your wins, your precious time... and a community where we can support each other in our growth. And, amazingly, I've been able to share the information and tools you've taught me to friends outside of the program, who have been struggling with creating Planned Savings, separating their business/personal expenses, tracking income, etc. - and who have benefitted greatly from me channeling you. Thank you for empowering me. This is literally the gift that keeps on giving. I am empowered in my financial life, which allows me to be empowered in my personal life, which allows me to be empowered in my creative life - which allows me to help empower other folks - and on and on the cycle goes. I've dumped money into planned savings, due to you. I know how much I spend every month on my career -and how it has changed - due to you. I re-did my "budget" since my boyfriend moved in - and I have a specific idea how much money I need to bring in each month - due to you. I'm not panicking - due to you. I have become a (mini) poster child for "being comfortable with uncertainty" - due to you. I have work in audiobooks - work that is giving me a creative outlet and a way to bring in extra income during this time - due to you. So I just wanted to thank you - I could go on and on. You really are a blessing to all of us.
The Abundance Bound presentation was so incredibly helpful. Last semester in Auditioning class we had a few guest speakers come to talk about taxes and retirement plans, and I remember that every time I would log off of those Zooms I would either call my dad nearly in tears or curl up in bed and take a nap to avoid thinking about it all. It was so stressful! But your approach honestly felt so empowering. I left the Zoom fully believing that my future is within reach, and while it may not always be easy, it is obtainable. I was actually excited, and that speaks volumes coming from someone who grew up with money insecurity and has long had a toxic / fearful relationship with it. It made me happy to know that it is possible for me to have a healthy relationship with money. A key moment from the presentation that I appreciated was when you talked about the fact that we should absolutely be setting money aside for travel, fun, etc. It doesn't always have to be about bills and rent because it's just as important to nurture ourselves by taking care of our social and mental wellbeing.
Thank you for what you do. I feel that I'm on a road toward financial peace. I have been amazed at how much time I have spent working on the assignments you've presented and I can feel the deepness of the work. It's foundational. Like moving a mountain rock by rock. Thank you for your generosity and commitment.
You changed my life. In fact I was telling someone just TODAY about how your class changed my life. I tell everyone who is getting close to retirement age (as I am) that they need to KNOW THEIR NUMBER! I know mine and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for you. Thank you. Again and again, thank you.
I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me as I FINALLY learn how to create financial stability. However, I have so appreciated your support and insight and it is helping me shine so freaking bright! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I’ve attached a conservative estimate of what I’m charted to earn each *month* (gross) this fall. Of course it’s variable income. I think I’ll actually be earning more. Regardless, it’s more than I made in a whole year for many years living here in Los Angeles. Thank you for changing my life! With gratitude forever and ever!
I joined Abundance Bound several weeks ago and have been amazed already. I've never felt so empowered around my finances after 10 years of self-employment. Just wishing I had found you sooner. So grateful to the work you are doing in the world and glad I found you.
Thank you for such a great program and for dedicating your time to other artists. I’ve learned so much and am excited to continue my financial knowledge. I recommend your courses to every actor I know!
After the class, I felt free and proud of the person I am becoming. Being an artist is something that I am committed to, and I know this education will change my life.