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Miata Edoga delivers her dynamic signature talks with a warmth and relatability that draws audiences in and leaves them feeling ready and able to integrate her expert guidance into their lives.
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signature talks

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money + you
Repairing and revitalizing one of the most important relationships of your entire life.
Like it or not, you are in a life-long relationship with your money. As with any relationship, if it’s a rocky one, it can slowly eat away at your core and chip away at your spirit. With honesty and humor, Miata reveals how easy it is to (consciously and unconsciously) think about and interact with your money in ways that you would likely never allow yourself (or anyone else) to be treated… ignoring it, sneaking around with it, tightly controlling it, being emotionally ambivalent about it, not protecting it, etc. She shares mindset shifts and tools that you can use, from this day forward, to create a healthier relationship with your money and to nurture that relationship with a little more tender, loving care.
embracing abundance
Preparing for, managing, and expanding your wealth.
You might say you desire financial abundance… but what are you actually doing to make money feel welcome in your life? Miata shines a bright light on the ways you might be keeping money waiting out on the front porch instead of inviting it in and giving it a comfy place to sit. She challenges you to open your heart and mind to the belief that there is a clear path from where you are to where you want to be. And she shares what it takes to fully embrace abundance and to start walking down this new path consciously, consistently, and courageously.
financial empowerment for the soul
How to mentally, emotionally, and financially transform from starving artist to money magnet.
The notion that being a “starving artist” is somehow an indication of your dedication to your craft and a necessary ingredient in your ultimate success is a story that too many creatives continue to believe. In this revolutionary talk, Miata challenges you to embrace a new narrative – one in which financial maturity and security is the true fuel that will power your personal and professional success in the arts. She candidly shares how she made the transformation to financial wellness herself, and offers insights and ideas that will help you to do it, too.

speaking testimonials

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“Thank you so very much for your presentation and inspiration yesterday. You really connected with your group and genuinely inspired them. Victor, the manager of your room, couldn’t stop talking about how you made him realize where his money attitude is coming from and what to do moving forward. He was truly changed. We are so grateful for your time, your expertise, and your energy. It takes a lot to talk to and connect with a group of strangers. Thank you for going there with them.”
Heather Bhandari
Program Director, Art World Conference
“Miata Edoga is hands down the most impactful speaker we have had come to our program. I was looking to have a more nuanced discussion around abundance than the popular self-development “get rich quick” conversation—which often fails to take culture, identity, and context into consideration, and lacks in practical application beyond “positive thinking.” Miata exceeded my expectations—she is filled with integrity, a movement-maker, and the real deal. Her depth-filled yet actionable approach, paradigm-shifting frameworks, and her authentic and powerful speaking style made our time with her absolutely unforgettable–our members can’t stop talking about her presentation! Her speaking, teaching, and guidance is a true gift.”
Liz Kimball
Founder, The Collective for Women Creators
“Miata has an extraordinary presence in delivering content. She is a most inspiring presenter who has the amazing gift of making her audience members feel as if she is speaking to them individually. Her knowledge and understanding of how artists can create financial wellness in their lives, makes Miata one of the top speakers in this field.”
Joanne Webb
Director, The Career Center Western Region, The Actor’s Fund