Money & You & Your Boo!

Part 3

Come Get Coached!

This third and final session of our series is designed to solidify the financial understanding and strategies we’ve explored in the first two webinars.

Why Register?

  • Personalized Coaching: Opt-in for a chance to receive live coaching during the session, offering tailored advice to your unique financial circumstances.
  • Interactive Learning: Witness firsthand the power of applying financial strategies within relationships, gaining insights not just from your own coaching but from your peers’ experiences.
  • Real Growth: Move from theoretical knowledge to practical application, ensuring the financial wellness strategies we’ve discussed become integral to your relationship.

We’ll move beyond theory, focusing on real-life application to ensure you’re not just knowledgeable but also actionable in strengthening your partnership’s financial health.

Understanding is just the beginning. The real transformation occurs when you apply these insights directly to your own life and relationship. This is your chance to experience the profound shifts that come from tailored advice and shared learning experiences.


Thursday, March 21st
5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern