Budgeting Nuts & Bolts

introductory workshop

Our signature 3-hour introductory workshop is a lively and engaging experience designed to educate and enrich your organization’s employees, members, or students.
As we guide them towards creating a healthier relationship with their money, we’ll teach them simple, step-by-step actions that can be implemented no matter what their personal and professional circumstances currently are.
Participants leave the workshop feeling empowered to make meaningful changes because they can now see a clear financial path from where they are right now to where they want to be.
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we break down financial concepts
and view them through a human lens.

The truth is, money is already demanding your audience’s attention. They have a relationship with it.
The question is, is that relationship positive or negative? Toxic or healthy? Or somewhere in between… maybe like an “it’s complicated” sort of thing.
Give us three hours with your employees, members, or students and we can help them change that relationship for the better.
Our first goal in this workshop is to help them make a new, conscious commitment, from this day forward, to engage with their money in a healthier way. We will show them how to rebuild and nurture this important part of their life.
Our second goal is to teach them how to stop guessing and get really specific about the ways in which money moves in and out of their lives. The reality of their financial flow will feel much less intimidating once they can see it clearly.
Our third goal is to help them start tracking their income and expenses in a way that makes sense – even if they don’t always earn and spend the same way each month. If their finances do fluctuate, we can certainly make that rollercoaster ride a bit smoother for them.
But how does this workshop help YOU, the host?
Well, for one, it shows the people that you serve (and who serve you) that you care about their welfare and well-being.
Also, as you already know, the more secure and high-functioning your employees or members are, the higher your organization’s retention rate will be. Your stability is a reflection of their stability. Likewise, if you represent a school or a university, you already know how important it is to continually replenish the pool of financially abundant alumni.
We wish that becoming financially empowered happened organically, but it doesn’t. The process takes some care and feeding – but, good news – that’s what we do best.

participant praise

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“Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. I’m so grateful to be learning where I stand financially, so I am able to make choices based on the hard and honest facts. I’m worried, but not nearly as worried as I would be if I hadn’t been in your class. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Alana
“I left yesterday’s Budgeting Nuts and Bolts workshop feeling so empowered and supported! Thank you so much for sharing information that often feels overwhelming and out-of-reach in such an upbeat yet realistic way.”
- Crickett
“I simply had to email to let you know that your workshop was amazing! I walked away feeling so inspired. Based on what I learned yesterday, my relationship with money has not been a healthy one. I already knew this fact emotionally, but I thank you for a deeper “intellectual” enlightenment.”
- Maria
“Thank you so much for your workshop today. It was illuminating and inspiring. I thought I would leave feeling worse about my finances but I left feeling better. Thank you for that!”
- Cristin

your next step

The Budgeting Nuts and Bolts Introductory Workshop is a three hour event that can be delivered in-person or live online.
There are a few variables involved in determining your exact price, but the investment starts at $2,500 and may go up from there.
If you are interested in this workshop (or if you have questions or would like to discuss it further), please fill out the interest form below. Once we receive your form, we will contact you to schedule time to talk.