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Financial Empowerment Program

The only method designed specifically for creatives and non-traditional earners of all kinds.

You will learn precisely what you need to do to stop feeling like money is the one thing keeping you from living the life you want.
Immerse yourself in a transformative year-long journey within a supportive community, where we eliminate the barriers of income fluctuations, debt, and financial stress, empowering you to pursue your dreams with unbridled focus and passion.
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For the past 18 years, we’ve helped thousands of non-traditional earners:

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Feel in Control

Money will no longer stress you out. Instead of budgets and deprivation, you’ll learn to make choices that support what matters most — your quality of life and the work you feel called to do in this world.
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Get out of Debt

Have debt? We’ve got you! As a non-traditional earner, credit card debt and student loans are extremely common. Once you have a personalized plan for your debt, all your energy that has gone towards worrying will now go towards growth.
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Build Wealth

Saving for the future is important, whether or not you are specifically focused on “retirement”. No matter how much money you have right now, we will help you create strategies for building wealth — because wealth increases your freedom.

“I am now in the exciting stage of the ‘debt payment snowball’ where I’m down to one credit card balance. This brings me so much JOY, I cannot even tell you! Thank you for giving me tools and a roadmap.”

Britt Harris

“Thanks to this outstanding program, I got control of my finances and launched a thriving multi-media education company inspiring people to take positive action for the planet. My income continues to increase each year, as does my savings!”


Camille Licate

“You’ve been an amazing force in my life and through your classes I’ve been able to reflect deeply on not only my financial health, but my creative health/spiritual health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”



“The Financial Empowerment Program is changing my life. I have so much more power around my finances right now, it’s crazy!! :) I just have completely changed my mindset since coming to Abundance Bound. You are a serious force to be reckoned with and I am so grateful to you for shining your light in this world!!!!!”


Sarah Shaefer

“I am grateful that Abundance Bound exists. The whole team has the spirit and compassion this world needs. Thank you for the hope you give us. You’ve made the world a better place for so many years, from you THROUGH all of us. Thank you for being our life’s greatest teacher (no pressure). You’ve given ME such peace, comfort + guidance.”


Cathy Vu

“I am so grateful to Abundance Bound for inspiring me to really take charge and get my financial life together. After doing my 6 month statement categorizing, I already feel empowered to make smarter, more intentional choices moving forward. Thank you so much!”


June Schreiner

Have you ever said to yourself...

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up on everything I’ve always dreamed of doing. I wish I wasn’t always worried about money. I’m overworking, and under-earning and can’t seem to get out of this cycle. I’m so tired of struggling.”
I get it. I spent the early years of my acting career getting into over $80K of credit card debt. Nobody could say I wasn’t working hard. At one point I had 11 different part-time gigs! But 25 years ago I began a critical process of understanding how to approach my money in a way that could actually support all of my goals and dreams.

I know how to help you move forward financially without giving up on the pursuits that matter most to you.

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Miata Edoga
CEO & Founder, Abundance Bound

In the Financial Empowerment Program, we'll lead you through the 3 keys of money:

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We’ll address the roots of how you feel and think about money. Your creative energy will stop being drained by a mental spin cycle of financial worry. You’ll develop a healthy relationship with money so when windfalls arrive, you won’t backslide into old habits.
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Mainstream money advice doesn’t serve freelancers, artists, and gig-economy workers because it doesn’t fit a life with fluctuating income, fluctuating employment, fluctuating expenses — and many other factors outside of your control. We’ll teach you how to create stability in a way that works (and feels good).
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Making More

Whether you want to generate a new stream of income from scratch, make the biz you already have even more profitable, or find side-line employment that works with your life, you’ll learn the building blocks of how to create cash so you feel stable even when the world doesn’t.
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You don’t have to do this alone.

We are here to help.
(To cheer you up and to cheer you on!)
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Money Mindset Course

Follow Through on Your North Star Goals
This self-paced course along with our mindset live group coaching calls (one time each month), walks you step-by-step through the process of understanding your power and removing barriers that can short circuit your dreams. No fluff or empty promises… just simple, actionable lessons and exercises that will provide absolute clarity about what you need to do (and why you need to do it) on your journey to a truly abundant life.
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Money Management Course

Make the Most of a Non-Traditional Income
Move out of the Pain Cycle of sinking costs and into a Power Cycle of building wealth. Gain the practical tools you need to take action on your new mindset, to model your revenue, and to invest funds in a way that feels doable. Bring your questions to our live group coaching calls (twice each month). We’ll help you get clear on your next best steps.
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Creating Cashflow Course

Build a Set of Big, Beautiful Business Muscles
Make your business journey smoother and simpler… and a wee bit more fun. With the self-paced course plus our live group coaching calls (twice each month), you’ll have everything you need to turn your skills and strengths into income to help fund the life you want to live.
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Community Forum

Join Forces with People Who Get It
In a culture where discussing money is taboo and you’re supposed to care more about your passion than what you’re getting paid, this is your judgment-free space to get real — and get really good advice. Nothing makes you feel less alone than knowing other people who’ve been where you are and are making the same shifts you want to make.
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Mastery Conversations

Up-level Your Career, Business & Money Skills
From investing for retirement to navigating creative industries to developing profitable side-businesses, we bring in guest experts that provide high-level skills and insights specifically for non-traditional earners, artists, freelancers, and creative professionals.
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Book Club

Learn New Skills In Community
One of the fun ways we take this journey together is by reading, discussing and practicing teachings from books chosen to inspire powerful money-moves. This is another great way to connect with interesting people who are also making their non-traditional careers possible.
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Power Hour Sessions

Do Hard Things - With Support
When we do it together, even the most tedious or overwhelming tasks can start to feel doable. Drop in on these twice-weekly virtual co-working sessions — introduce yourself, state your intentions, and cross things off your list! Check-ins and final sign-offs offer time to celebrate together. 

And to ensure your success, you’ll be guided by our Financial Empowerment Program Roadmap!

No two roads to a healthy, thriving financial future will be exactly the same, but there are very specific steps to take to ensure you are Abundance Bound — continually binding yourself to, and directing yourself towards abundance.
As you embark on this journey with us, know that you have the expanse of a full year to navigate through this roadmap.
This deliberate pacing ensures that you don't merely skim through the surface. Instead, you internalize, implement, and see palpable transformation, all at a pace that's consistent yet unhurried. This allows the foundational changes you make to be not just impactful but also enduring and deeply rooted in your daily life.
This Roadmap was carefully designed to guide you through the process of creating a strong foundation, one step at a time. True financial freedom requires a strong foundation. No matter which stage of the journey you’re currently at, you’ll simply follow the map, with complete clarity around where to focus your time and attention.
PLUS we offer two special coaching calls every month specifically to address your Roadmap questions. We want to keep you progressing, growing, and hitting those milestones.
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The Financial Empowerment Program is uniquely positioned to support creative and non-traditional earners like you:

1. Money worries will no longer drive your decisions.

You’ll navigate gigs, jobs, auditions, and opportunities with discernment, power, and confidence — never desperation.

2. You’ll learn about finances in a judgment-free zone.

You’ll get effective, tailored-to-you advice that moves you in the directions you want to go.

3. You won’t be misunderstood.

You’ll have mentors who’ve been where you are, respect where you’re at, and want you to honor your dreams.

4. You won’t need to squeeze your non-traditional life into a traditional budget.

It’s time for a different model that will provide you with long-term stability, career development, and — dare we say it? — FUN with some of what you earn.

5. You will feel the power of your own self-worth.

You are entering a new chapter of your life where you’ll be making money choices that affirm your goals, talents, and desires.

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Your Investment for One Year of Membership

  • Pay in Full
  • 3 Monthly Payments
    per month for 3 months

Money Mindset - Follow Through on Your North Star Goals

Money Management - Make the Most of a Non-traditional Income

Creating Cashflow - Build a Set of Big, Beautiful Business Muscles

Community Forum - Join Forces with People Who Get It

Mastery Conversations - Up-level Your Career, Business & Money Skills

Book Club - Learn New Skills in Community

Power Hours - Do Hard Things With Support



"Why a whole year? That seems like a really long time…"

This program is not a quick-fix. Life is not a quick-fix.

Being where you want to be financially doesn’t have to take forever, but it may take time to reorient your relationship with money. With a plan, new perspectives, and consistent steps, you will get to a place where your burdens are lifting and your wealth is building.

Figuring out the money piece can be uncomfortable at first, but it quickly starts to feel a lot better than exhausting yourself while you wait for a big break to happen. You will start to feel back in control. You will start to know exactly what to do with your money — and why.

You will start to feel like the unconventional life you’ve chosen is not only manageable, but a perfect fit for you.


How Do We Know This Works?

At Abundance Bound, we’ve been supporting thousands of non-traditional earners — in different stages of their financial life — for over 18 years. They’ve reported back that we helped them to get results in a way that felt really, really good.

We’ve poured the best of our expertise and tons of personal coaching opportunities into this membership.

The Financial Empowerment Program provides a minimum of EIGHT opportunities a month for you to be coached live and get smart solutions for challenges like:
  • Advocating for yourself with clients, agents, managers, directors, HR and employers.
  • Navigating complex tax questions with confidence.
  • Making major financial decisions on housing, transportation, and where to live and work.
  • Identifying, reaching, retaining, and multiplying your ideal clients and customers.
  • Sharing your message and streamlining your marketing — online and off.
  • Modeling your revenue from gig work, part-time work (and full-time work), contracts, and side-businesses.
  • Setting up debt payment plans and wealth-building plans that don’t undermine your current quality of life.
  • Pricing and packaging your offerings to maximize your profits.
  • Releasing shame that keeps you avoiding looking directly at your debt, monthly income, and expenses.
  • Moving past mindset blocks that keep you procrastinating about setting up that Roth IRA that you really do want to set up.
  • Alleviating the pressures of status and pain of FOMO that prompt you to spend money on things you don’t truly want or need.
  • Gaining clarity on what you really care about in life so you can resist the pull of everything else!
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What members say...

Become Confident & Organized in Your Financial Situation & Revenue Streams

“I will forever be grateful that I discovered Abundance Bound.  My wife and I have just purchased our first home, a goal I set when I began reading books recommended in the program.  I gained a clear set of tools not just for managing my money, but more importantly, my mindset in really, truly, pursuing an abundant life, rich in the things that matter most to me.  

I’ve transformed from a freelance Actor and Photographer who had difficulty getting a used car loan, to a creative professional who is confident and organized in their financial situation, with multiple streams of revenue.”

Bryan Dechart, Actor 

Massively Improve the Way You Save, Plan & Earn from Your Work, Your Art or Otherwise

“The Financial Empowerment Program has literally totally changed the way that I think about money. The way they work is deceptively simple.  Little did I know then that these easy, practical and artist-friendly instructions would not only revolutionize the way I paid off debt, saved and planned for the future, but also massively improve the way I seek work and therefore earn from my art or otherwise.  Their personal attention is kind, intelligent and brilliantly helpful. I couldn’t recommend Abundance Bound enough.”

Miranda Keeling, Author, Actor & Coach

Find Financial Stability So You Can Concentrate More on Your Calling

“I wondered if this program would be relevant to me as an artist who is not living in the United States. By the end of my second week as a member, I was convinced that this was one of the most useful things I have done for my artistic career since deciding to be a full time artist.  I am now truly comfortable recognizing that my artistic career is also a business.  Already, my fee is increasing and with the increased financial stability, I’m able to concentrate more on the art I want to create.  Miata is a generous teacher, giving much more than just financial education.  I feel truly supported by someone who cares about helping me become both financially and artistically more successful.”

Sorcha Ra, Performing Artist

Free Yourself to Enjoy the Process of Building Your Dream Career

“Since I started working with Abundance Bound, I have stabilized my spending, created additional sources of income within my field of music, and finally feel free to enjoy the process of consciously building my dream career as a performer.   Some artists find it romantic, maybe even inspiring, to be struggling…and often, to be struggling financially.  I know I did.  But when I realized that this idea of ‘figuring the money stuff out AFTER I make it big or sell a song’ was actually keeping me stuck, I knew it was time to make a change. Always supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental, Abundance Bound creates a space that allows me to be honest about money, make changes and see results in my life. They have helped me get clear on my career goals and the concrete action I need to take to make progress.  Pursuing my music career from a financial place of ‘having’  as opposed to ‘lacking’ makes me feel good about myself, not to mention the process of making art a WHOLE lot more fun.” 

David Forest, Musician 


  • I’m not an actor, artist, or creative. Is this program for me?

    Yes! Our approach is game-changing for all kinds of non-traditional earners: those who have a dream of working for themselves, or who are doing gig work, or building businesses, or offering all different kinds of freelance services and contract work (like personal training, coaching, real estate, therapy, tutoring, education, programming, design, writing —  and more). If the old model of spending your entire career with one company isn’t what excites you, this is absolutely the place for you. 

  • How much time will this program require?

    Our goal with the Financial Empowerment Program is to remove stress from your life, not add more to it. We estimate that committing just 2 hours each week to absorbing and applying what we share with you will be enough to generate true progress.

    Access to all of the courses, resources, past interviews, and call recordings is always available 24/7 to allow you to learn and apply this guidance in the way that fits your schedule.

  • What if I want to keep all of my focus on my creative career, and I’m not interested in developing a secondary stream of income?

    The work we do at Abundance Bound gives our artistic members the understanding and the practical tools to build the necessary habits that allow them to sustain a career in the arts. While there are many, many successful individuals that have allowed their creativity to branch into other revenue streams, Abundance Bound strategies do not depend on having multiple streams of income, nor is that the focus of our work. A side hustle isn’t for everyone — and it’s only one of many ways to develop security and stability. The choice will always be yours as to how you will apply our educational tools and principles to your life and personal goals.

  • How do the live sessions work?

    All of our live sessions, including the expert interviews, take place online via the Zoom platform (which is free for you to use). You can attend these sessions via audio or video from anywhere in the world.

    The date and time of each online session is announced in advance via email that includes a link for easy access.

    Recordings of every past session are archived and accessible 24/7 from your member dashboard.

  • Why isn’t this program free?

    We strive to make our pricing accessible to as many non-traditional earners as we can because we know money is not fairly distributed, particularly in the creative industries. We want everyone to have the support, accountability, and skills that we know make a difference. That said, running this program, maintaining its quality, and supporting our members with care requires the time and effort of multiple humans and several software systems. Your investment of $997 covers a full year of unparalleled guidance and support.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Joining the Financial Empowerment Program requires a non-refundable commitment of $997 which covers the cost for one full year. After your first year, we invite you to continue your journey at the special rate of $50/month. You’ll continue to have full access to the program and community, allowing you to continue taking consistent action to nurture your financial goals. After your initial year is complete, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel and later want to re-join, we will welcome you back at the special rate of $50/month.