Financial education
that fits like a glove.

custom events

Whether you’d like us to educate and empower your audience for several hours or several days, we are happy to collaborate with you to design a customized event that will generate stellar feedback from your attendees.
These special presentations are always lively, interactive, and focused on delivering guidance that meets the audience right where they are at – then teaches them how to grow from there.
We are equally comfortable sharing our knowledge in large auditoriums, intimate meeting spaces, or via online platforms… and we look forward to hearing how we can help your organization promote financial wellness and money mastery.

how can we help alleviate
your audience’s financial frustrations?

These custom events allow us to take a deeper dive into a topic (or topics) that you feel is the most relevant and
relatable to your employees, members, or students.
Here are some samples and suggestions:

Are they experiencing anxiety about their debt?

We can do a deep dive to help them learn how to get out of the debt cycle while simultaneously beginning to build lasting wealth.

Do they want to become a more powerful earner?

We can explore the power of revenue modeling with them and share the Abundance Bound method of handling a sudden windfall of income.

Would they like to improve their credit score?

We can unpack the value of this particular asset and walk them through the steps that they can take to restore their score to its former glory.
Click the link below to download a PDF describing a custom event we created for members of the Casting Society of America:
Money & You
A dynamic, day-long workshop to help you repair and revitalize one of the most important relationships of your entire life.
Download PDF
Click the image below to download a PDF describing a custom event we created for the Girl Scouts:
Financial Tools for Teens
A fun and interactive day-long workshop to teach teens (and their parents) how to mind their money.
Download PDF

your next step

Our custom, interactive presentations can be delivered in-person or live online, and we can design modules based on the desired length of your event – from a few hours to a few days.
There are several variables involved in determining the exact price for a custom event, but the investment starts at $3,500 and goes up from there.
If you are interested in collaborating with us to craft a custom event (or if you have questions or would like to discuss it further), please fill out the interest form below. Once we receive your form, we will contact you to schedule time to talk.