Titles Matter – From Blog Posts to Financial Accounts

Wills and TrustsWhen I write anything I agonize over the title. Does it match the general mood I really hope to express? In my case, a poor title might cost me a few readers. But titles can matter much more in certain company. One art critic I know insists on being called “Mrs. X” instead of her first name. Another acquaintance, with a PhD in Philosophy, prefers to be called “Doctor   Continue reading this post >

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Deadlines and Penalties – What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

The world of health insurance has changed significantly over the last two years… especially for those of us who are fortunate enough to spend our days working in the craft we love. Whether you’re full time self-employed or contemplating it, one big area to understand is health insurance.

How you buy insurance depends on where you live. If you live in the USA, you’ll need to be aware of some important dates and the penalties for missing them.

Affordable Care Act

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Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Reader Question: Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Autumn writes: Hi Miata, Our financial advisor is pressuring me to buy disability insurance. I have some through my day job already. Isn’t that enough?

Autumn, you’re right to question your financial advisor… not because disability insurance is unnecessary (I’ll tackle that in a moment), but because you shouldn’t ever feel pressured by your advisors. While advisors may disagree with you about a course of action, their job is to give you the data you   Continue reading this post >

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Creatively Controlling Your Money Habit

A friend of mine likes to pay for lunch every time we meet. Surprisingly, she also always picks the most expensive places. I love to see her and there’s no reason for her to pay…but she always insists on paying anyway.

Lately, I’ve seen some disconcerting problems. Three weeks ago I could tell she was anxious.

Money Bubble

My friend, we’ll call her Rachel, shared that her husband Mike is now seeing a psychiatrist. “He   Continue reading this post >

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Is Fear Keeping You From Financial Success?

Is Fear Keeping You From Financial Success?

I’d like to share a secret about one trait many of us share. We have a fear of the unknown.

When I was a child, I was afraid of the dark. I’d check under my bed before turning out the light (which is funny now, because I never stopped to think that if there WERE bad things under there who cared if it was dark or not?). I’d open my closet door and thoroughly search.   Continue reading this post >

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Are You Winning Awards in Your Life?

Are You Winning Awards In Your Life?Award

The Oscars nominations were announced two weeks ago. As always, I was surprised by some picks (Emma Thompson and Forest Whitaker being ignored were big shocks to me) and had lots of fun reading the choices to discover which of the films I’ve seen and which ones I still have to hurry up and watch!

The Oscar announcements started me thinking…over the course of the last   Continue reading this post >

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3 Money Moves to Light a Firecracker Under 2014

fireworksMy husband and I were watching the new David O. Russell film American Hustle this last weekend. In one scene two of the characters are listening to a Duke Ellington piece that starts off with a dramatic flourish. Christian Bale’s character laments that nobody makes music like that anymore.

In art, there’s power in a first impression. Writers are taught to begin in the middle of the drama, not at the beginning, for   Continue reading this post >

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The “Smart” Investor

When News Strikes How Does “The Smart Money” React?

I get incredibly excited when one of my clients decides to begin investing. The biggest eye opener for these new investors? People tell me over and over that they can’t believe investing doesn’t require nearly the skill or persistence that it takes to become great in the arts. It’s difficult to become a painter, a sculptor or an actor. An investor? Actually   Continue reading this post >

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Plugging Money Leaks

Plugging Money Leaks

Our bathroom faucet drips all day if you don’t turn the faucet hard enough. I learned that the hard way, noticing the dripping only after a whole weekend away. Sigh. My only thoughts as I twisted the handle as hard as I could, were about all the money I’d let drip down the drain.

I’ll bet I’m not alone, though. How many parts of your budget are you   Continue reading this post >

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Non-Conformists Are Born to Be Better Investors

Remember high school? Were you a person who wore what everyone else wore or did you stand apart?

I’ll bet you didn’t follow the crowd. That’s rarely the artist’s way.

Why do I bring this up? I only mention it because it turns out that creative people – those who are willing to go against the grain – should be great investors. Consider this: a financial company (Blackrock) sent out an email recently discussing the fact that many investors chase “negative returns.”   Continue reading this post >

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