I made a video for you!

Worried about the recent news regarding your loan out / S corporation?

Here's some reassurance and resources to help you in the months ahead.

So glad you’re here!

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions ever since the EDD made its announcements about potential changes to S Corps/Loan Outs, hasn’t it?

My husband and I both work in the entertainment industry – I’m an actor and playwright and he’s an assistant director and screenwriter – and we would both be negatively affected if these changes went through. So I’ve been right there with you having lots of FEELINGS these past few days.

There’s still some information that we’ll all need before we can start making decisions about how to best move forward…

 …but until then, I wanted to offer you some reassurance and resources to help you through the weeks ahead.

I made you a short little video – just pop your email down below – hope it helps!

In solidarity,


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Miata Edoga
CEO + Founder, Abundance Bound
Creator of the Financial Empowerment Program

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