I had a session today with one of my clients. Her acting career is starting to take off which is so exciting. Moneywise she is also in really good shape. Since we started our work together she’s gotten much more organized, paid off lots of debt and is starting to focus on saving and investing.

Great right?

The problem is that in spite of all of the wonderful things happening in her life, this client really struggles with feelings of unworthiness. She has a mindset that expects happiness to be quickly chased away by disaster waiting right around the next corner.

It’s so important for this client to put the same discipline she has brought to other areas of her life, to the process of reprogramming these limiting thoughts, which she admits she has carried for as long as she can remember. What is true for all of us is that it doesn’t matter how earnestly we wish to be successful. If what we feel in our core is that we are unworthy, our subconscious mind will affect our good intentions and sabotage our actions.

This is why Step 1 of The Artist’s Prosperity System is: Change your financial mindset and how you talk about money. The way we think and feel about our money is directly connected to our level of financial prosperity. You can learn and implement the practical actions that will shift and improve your financial situation. BUT – in order to transform your relationship with money permanently – you must consistently work to break any existing cycles of negativity. The result is an experience of more flexibility, ease and increased energy being put towards everything you truly wish to accomplish.

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