So, we have some GREAT (and sad) news…

At Abundance Bound, we’re artists, and we’re, like you, busy. Not just about financial stuff, about creative stuff. Sometimes we’re trying to push out a new program, sometimes we’re working on the latest edition of a book, and often times we’re consumed, like you, with our artistic endeavors. I’m an active actor in the Los Angeles community, Bryan is, well, doing all the wonderful things Bryan does.

Which is why it’s with EXCITEMENT (and a bit of sadness) that we’re announcing:

Our final ARTIST’S PROSPERITY BOOT CAMP until October of 2011!

Because of our own artistic careers, our schedules will now only allow Bryan and I to offer this program once each year. This means that instead of 100 artists participating in the Boot Camp—as we graduated that many last year alone—there will be space for 10 – 20 in any given year. But…it also means each class will be filled with the most committed, dynamic, and “go for it” artists out there. We’re pretty excited because we know that’s when magic happens!

What is The Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp? And why should you care?

Well, we know a lot of artists look at their financial situation and blame themselves for not being where they want to be… (We sure did.)

We think, ‘maybe I did something wrong’…or ‘I’m just unlucky’… (We also did this.)

We wait (and wait) for something to happen that will somehow turn things around… (Yep, we did that, too.)

Then we got educated. And turned that education into practice and habit. And became passionate about sharing it with others. And we developed The Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp for our community, because the reality is that 99.99% of us were simply never taught how we should manage our money. Because we studied, learned, tried, and grew towards balancing money with our artistic careers, we know we can help you do the same.

The Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp is a 6-week, intensive program that guides you through a clear and powerful system, allowing you to finally master the financial skills you need to truly thrive as an artist.

We helped each of our artistic graduates to build a solid plan for ongoing financial stability.  Already a number of those individuals have completely changed their lives and are building their careers from a place of confidence and security that previously felt impossible.

We stand behind the program because it worked for us. (In fact just about everyone who has actually followed the steps they learned is in a significantly different and better place then when they started. It’s not rocket science, you just need to actually do the work!)

The next Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp starts on Monday, October 4th. 12 spots maximum.

It’s going to sell out quickly. Join with other actors, musicians, writers, painters and fire eaters and receive the financial boost, kick in the ass, helping hand, what you will…that you need to head into 2011 with confidence and inspiration!

Sign up today! It will be an honor to have you.

Remember: Change starts by taking action presently, in the moment.To your prosperity,
Miata Edoga

P.S. For artists who want additional one-one-one support, check out the Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp ELITE.  We’ve taken the popular Boot Camp program and added private coaching sessions to accelerate the achievement of your personal financial goals!