Here’s some goods that — I think — I’ve come to know:

If you cultivate the talent within you, commit to working hard, and are able to create and then execute a specific plan with persistence, drive and determination — we can and will ultimately have success doing what we love! It’s been true for countless artists before us. And it’ll be true for thousands more, hopefully including you.


But now the bad news. I have absolutely no way to predict whether that success will arrive in 6 months, 6 years or 16 years!


So, pause for a moment and consider: What if it does happen to take 16 years?

Will you still be here?

Here is sharp truth: For so many people reading this, the answer is NO. And it won’t be because they don’t want it. Or because they’re not good enough.

It’s simply because they do not have a real plan to financially sustain for the duration.

Money, Money, Money. It’s the dreaded reason why most artists quit, end up in dead-end corporate jobs, go to law school or move back home to live with Mom and Dad. Running out of money is a game-changer.

That is exactly why I created Abundance Bound. As a company we are committed to taking a stand for the success of every artist. And we do that by giving you the money skills and tools you need to achieve your financial goals so you can support your artistic ones.

In two weeks Bryan and I begin teaching our final ARTIST’S PROSPERITY BOOT CAMP for an entire year. This powerful 6-week program is your last opportunity until September 2011 to join with other artists in discovering the financial tools necessary to help you prolong your journey for the next umpteen months and years.

We’ll work with you and a small group of motivated, driven artists – sharing a ton of practical, concrete information on what it really takes to:

  • Break out of a negative financial cycle
  • Manage the need to both make a living and support the pursuit of your craft
    transition from surviving in a soul sucking job to thriving because you are doing work you love–on your own terms
  • Finally feel powerful when it comes to your finances–knowing you have a plan that allows you to keep on trucking until you reach the success you desire and deserve

When we ask, “Is Your Career Worth It?”, it’s not a small question. While the obvious answer is a resounding, “Of course it is!”, you must consider if your career is worth the investment in time, energy and money necessary to enjoy a lifetime of artistic opportunities. Because if it’s truly worth a commitment to stay indefinitely, and you have yet to incorporate a practical financial foundation, you are practicing a dangerous form of deception: Artistic Roulette.

Stop gambling and change the game. Learn more and join us today by clicking here.

I want to make sure you know that I am writing this letter from the place of personal experience. Ten years ago I was exhausted. I was sick and tired of being flat out broke — approaching every audition with a desperate desire to book the job so I could pay my rent. Now, I look back and am truly grateful that I finally realized I needed a financial plan and I went after it.

But maybe you still have some resistance. Or, maybe you’re certain this isn’t something you want or need right now. That’s also great — and if it’s true we do wish you all the best on your journey. But if you’re honest, and are reading this and feel a tightness in your chest, a conscience in your ear, or are just flat-out…well…scared…


Today is the day many of these worries can change. We promise. And we guarantee our work, too. Money can be fun, exciting, powerful and useful. Let us show you an alternative relationship to your bank account, one that brings you peace and self-control. All the steps you need will be there, clearly spelled out and ready for you to follow, to launch you into a whole new life as a financially stable, thriving artist.

Again, jump!  Click here.

Anyway, you have two weeks to decide if you’re on the fence, but we’d love to get you into class TODAY. Like, RIGHT NOW. Bryan and I send you courage and our hopes that you will trust us to help you move towards your financial potential.

For the last time, your experience begins here.

Remember, your career is worth it, and dreams don’t and won’t happen without action. This is true today, and will be so for the next 16 years.

As always, committed to your unmistakable success,