Is Fear Keeping You From Financial Success?

I’d like to share a secret about one trait many of us share. We have a fear of the unknown.

When I was a child, I was afraid of the dark. I’d check under my bed before turning out the light (which is funny now, because I never stopped to think that if there WERE bad things under there who cared if it was dark or not?). I’d open my closet door and thoroughly search. Then, even after all of that, I’d still pull the covers tightly around my head some nights, sure that the bogeyman had figured out how to sneak in through a heating vent and come to end my young life. PiggyBankUnderCovers

Luckily, that never happened.

You and I know, it will never happen.

People share this same fear when it comes to our finances. We fear walking into a new bank, opening accounts online, having money automatically deposited, sheltering money in an IRA, buying insurance we might not need, setting up estate documents that might be wrong.

We fear lots of things about money.

So how do we move past fear? It isn’t easy, I know. But if there’s anything that kills fear in your financial plan, it’s momentum. You have to get a running start.

A friend recently told me,

“I don’t try to finish jobs, I just try to start them. They seem to miraculously finish themselves once I’m up and running.”

I love that approach.

The best way to break out of the fear is to stop worrying about the end. Just begin.

5 Steps To Overcoming Fear

Look for the bogeyman. Just like I’d search under my bed, run a search that’ll help your cause. Want to start an IRA? Search, “Opening IRAs.” Better yet, search for “Easy IRA Tips.” You’ll find hundreds of articles telling you just how simple it is. For some reason, this “social proof” can help us get into action.

Set a timer for 20 minutes. I’ve found that if I promise myself I’ll start a task and ONLY spend 20 minutes on it, by the time the bell rings, I’m deeply engrossed and want to continue. Now I have momentum, and the fear falls away.

Join groups and/or classes. Classes are a great resource partly because you know that there are others going through the same steps you’re taking at that very moment. Or, check out one of the Abundance Bound programs like Artist’s Prosperity 101 or The Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System. Often, having your financial tasks broken up into clear, concise action items, makes the work much less scary and far more accessible.

Ask yourself, “What happens if I don’t do anything? A classic way to overcome fear of acting is to make the fear of INACTION feel greater. You aren’t sure who to name in your estate documents? What would happen if you have NO documents instead of slightly wrong ones?

Once you’re moving, stay moving. Newton had it right: “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” While there’s friction that tries to get in the way of moving forward, once you’ve grabbed your fear by the throat, don’t let go. You’ll feel powerful when you accomplish a task that you’d only recently dreaded. In fact, don’t stop there. Use that momentum to break through a second barrier if possible. Hopefully you’ll feel your fears subside and actions in the future will be much easier.

I’ve worked with enough people to know that FEAR is our biggest enemy when it comes to financial success. Brilliant clients can become stymied by the tiniest problem….all because they feel some irrational (or completely rational) fear. Remember, that goals worth having are usually big, scary goals. Don’t let being afraid stand in front of your greatness!