Private Coaching
3 Months

You are seeking the confidence that comes with knowing what is going on with your money and are ready to make some changes – with expert guidance – to how you handle your finances day to day.

You will meet with your coach for one 60-minute session every month for 3 months. Together you’ll move step by step through the actions that will finally put you in the financial driver’s seat. You’ll be supported as you determine your precise Financial Starting Point; and will then put simple systems in place for tracking your income and expenses in a way that makes sense for an artist.

The Mindset Coaching Program will support you in beginning to create a healthy and positive relationship with your finances. You’ll get all the information you need in simple, manageable chunks so you can do what you need to do without getting overwhelmed.

3 Monthly Payments of $250

6 Months

As a confident, motivated artist – you are seeking a clear, practical and creative path for your finances, while building new relationships with your money and craft. The Management Coaching Program focuses on securing the foundation that will allow you to pursue your career from a place of financial strength and knowledge.

For 6 months, you will meet with your coach for one 60-minute session (acceleration is possible if desired). We’ll first ensure the fundamentals (financial organization and baseline, ongoing tracking systems, and development of planned/emergency savings) are in place, before moving on to create a personalized plan for debt management (if needed) along with beginning strategies for longer term savings goals.

You’ll engage with powerful and effective techniques that work with an artistic lifestyle; and be provided with the ongoing accountability, insight AND action steps designed to take you from financial uncertainty to clarity and confidence.

6 Monthly Payments of $225

12 Months

You know that it’s time to learn how to best manage your money AND your art, to create the life you desire and deserve. The Mastery Program is designed for the creative professional who is ready to permanently transform your finances. This is a year-long period of unparalleled support and accountability, as you design and implement a “money plan” that puts you in complete control of your future.

You will meet with your coach for one 60-minute session every month (acceleration is possible if desired). Initial sessions will be used to formulate your financial goals for the year, including the development of your foundation and the systems that will support your financial processes far beyond our work together. In addition to the work done by clients in our Mindset and Management Programs – you will receive expert direction on the development and/or strengthening of side businesses/additional income streams. We’ll move beyond the establishment of emergency savings and put focus on wealth building for the future.

You’ll be provided with the ongoing structure and trouble-shooting that ensures you have everything you need to understand and powerfully execute the daily, weekly and monthly actions that will move you towards your goals. Together we’ll ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that you are actually creating results.

12 Monthly Payments of $200


Coaching sessions are held via Zoom and can be recorded for your future reference.

All private coaching packages include a 30-minute consultation with Abundance Bound President & Founder, Miata Edoga. This time will be used to discuss your primary goals and challenges and will allow us to develop a fully personalized coaching strategy.