Bryan and I have simply been blown away by the response to last week’s “Living in Possibility” call! Hundreds of you joined us for a conversation about living life powerfully as artists who CHOOSE to create the success you desire (and deserve) in every area of your lives. We suspected there would be a few motivated artists who might dive into the material, but we just weren’t prepared for the number of calls and emails we’ve received, sharing your questions, experiences and victories–we’ve never seen the group this fired up before! It seems we really struck a nerve!

Or are you all even more dynamic than we realized?!

The immediate question is: With all of this momentum and new insight, what are you going to do next to stay in the zone of your potential? How will you apply this work practically day to day? How will you best capitalize on these discoveries and treat yourself to the good to come–right now?

If you’re ready for the next big leap, you simply must consider joining us in 10 days for our next Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp. This is the only class we’ve offered in 2011, and we’re energized to support and guide you in building an emotional and financial blueprint for your future. We’re going to look at what you need, and together will blast through the hurdles that until now have kept you stuck or just moving in circles. You’ll leave us with the tools and the plan that will make you unstoppable!

Your success begins with your relationship to abundance. I’ve been experiencing some of my own significant creative and financial breakthroughs in these last few months. I know, with every fiber of my being, that these breakthroughs began with my commitment more than 10 years ago to do all that I needed to do to be an artist who could take control of my money and build the future I saw so clearly.

If you’re ready to make that same commitment, Bryan and I are ready to dive in with you. The Boot Camp is the place where these insights can crystallize into definitive actions towards what’s possible. This is going to be 6 weeks unlike any you have ever experienced before, shared with artists around the globe.

As an artist in this world – you are playing a big game. And for those of you who recognize that, and are truly ready to play it to its fullest – I know that the Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp is for you. I hope you’ll register to join us today.