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Hire a qualified home inspector before you purchase a home. Any seasoned realtor will strongly advise this, but I’ve witnessed people working without a professional who skip this step to save a few dollars.

Don’t make that mistake.

When my husband and I were searching for our first home, we fell in love with a sweet little house. During the inspection it was revealed that its foundation was completely collapsing!

A house could be filled with mold, have water damage, leaky pipes, a   Continue reading this post >

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Right now, you’re probably receiving tons of tax documents. 1099’s from clients, W2’s from employers, statements from loans and savings plans….all kinds of important stuff. I hear all the time that people lose documents or can’t find one piece of paper and have to file an extension. This extra document you’re filing because you can’t find forms is time you could be using on your craft!

Here’s another idea:

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According to Fair Isaac, the company that builds the FICO score, the single biggest contributor to a good credit score is your payment history.

Missing a payment or paying late are two of the biggest detractors from a good score. Here are some tricks to make sure payments are made on time each month:

  • Sign up for automatic payments. If you allow the company to withdraw the minimum amount due from your account each month, you’ll still have the option of   Continue reading this post >
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