Goal Setting 2013 – The Odd Place I Found Inspiration

Maybe you’re walking through the woods and a patch of sunlight hits the ground in front of you and spurs an idea for your next artistic creation. You could be dining at a restaurant and the ambiance makes you realize an image of a new way to work.

I know this: inspiration hits in funny places. I actually found inspiration for my 2013 goals last night   Continue reading this post >

Goal Setting 2013 – The Odd Place I Found Inspiration2012-12-28T09:00:27-08:00

Words of Wisdom

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ll soon be posting some of our previously archived newsletters.  So look out for those, in addition to the other fun tidbits you’re finding here.  More witticism to come.

Keep on creating.  Keep on inspiring one another.

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