5 Tales of Financial Horror

I know Halloween was last week, but let’s keep the fun alive with some financial horror stories. Didn’t you love horror stories as a kid? I liked them…until I tried to sleep. Then, more often then not, I spent the night staring at the ceiling, sure that at any minute some disconfigured arm would grab me from under the bed.


The bad news is that we all have friends who have   Continue reading this post >

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Best Ways to Shop for Deals

Lately, as I’ve been working with clients, I’ve realized that there is a NEW spending category that is starting to have a negative effect on some of our bank accounts: Groupon, Living Social and other programs.

A friend recently started tracking a similar website called Woot. She told me that there were amazing deals on the site and couldn’t believe she’d discovered such a treasure.

A couple months later I asked how Woot was going. She sighed and said she didn’t visit   Continue reading this post >

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How to Keep your Online Identity Safe!

Today I read that the FBI reports internet crime more than doubled last year. People who normally lock their car doors buy frequently online, complete all their banking over the web and pay bills routinely using their keyboard. Internet transactions are an easy way for crooks to steal bank account numbers, credit card information and other personal data. Maybe it’s time to sit back and think for a moment about protecting yourself while you’re banking and shopping on the   Continue reading this post >

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