How to Finish the Year With a Flourish

In the final weeks of December, it’s important to take one last look back at the year. How’s your plan coming? If it’s like mine, there are still some items on the “to do” list that you’ve yet to mark off. We’re down to only a few weeks to finish up our goals for 2015.2015 to 2016

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Deadlines and Penalties – What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

The world of health insurance has changed significantly over the last two years… especially for those of us who are fortunate enough to spend our days working in the craft we love. Whether you’re full time self-employed or contemplating it, one big area to understand is health insurance.

How you buy insurance depends on where you live. If you live in the USA, you’ll need to be aware of some important dates and the penalties for missing them.

Affordable Care Act

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It Isn’t Enough to Care (a Guide to REALLY Perfecting Your Craft)

BrainFullA friend emailed me asking for help.

“I care so much about (my craft). Why does it always end up coming last?”

There’s a short answer to this question.

It isn’t enough to care.

I’d submit it isn’t even just about hard work.

It’s about systems.

Setting up systems to win is the key to your success. Financially, having systems for the right tasks is equally important.

The Sherlock Holmes Story

In one of the Sherlock Holmes books by Sir   Continue reading this post >

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How to Choose Life Insurance

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While your art may be about freedom and creative expression, our lives are full of responsibilities and commitments. That’s what makes life insurance so important: if we can’t fulfill our responsibilities, do we want to leave a pile of unpaid bills and unfinished goals to our heirs?

I was making this argument to a friend recently, who replied, “What do I care, I’m dead!”

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Setting Goals That Stick in 2013

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the strange place I found inspiration for my 2013 goals. This week, I’d like to address New Year’s Resolutions head-on. Every year millions of people write out a fresh list of goals in the hopes of making the next twelve months better than the previous dozen. We creative people are no exception: in our world, it’s often the well-disciplined artist who   Continue reading this post >

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4 Year End Financial Moves To End 2012 With a Bang!

4 Year End Financial Moves To End 2012 With a Bang!

I can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again! We’re saying goodbye to 2012….and it seems like we just said goodbye to 2011. This can be a crazy time for creatives. We’re busy building, sculpting, performing. But don’t forget that the end of the year is also a time to close the books on your financial life so you can   Continue reading this post >

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Insurances – Buy or Ignore?

For most creatives, we’re comfortable working without a net. Many of us have gone months or maybe even years without a stable income. Some are amazingly agile at finding just the right resource at the perfect time. Like a trapeze artist on the high wire, we find a way to make it work.

That’s why the concept of insurance is so foreign to most of us. When you’re a high wire artist, your first thought probably is, “Why waste the money?”

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Life Insurance: Understanding the Basics

We promised more basics on insurance…so here it is!

There is so much written about life insurance these days: policies are bad, policies are good, “you should never” this and “you should always” that.

For most of us we end an insurance discussion with this thought: I don’t like it and I’m not going to think about it.

That’s exactly the wrong answer.

There are some truths about life insurance you should know before dismissing it:

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Do I Need Insurance?

The only important insurance…is the one you’re about to use.

Insurance is an intensely personal issue. People run into trouble because instead of fitting an insurance type to their specific need, they settle for the same rules of thumb used by others.

If there’s one group that can’t afford a one-size-fits-all approach, it’s artists. We have such unique needs that the wrong insurance will cost you time, money and patience (not necessarily in that order).

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From the Mailbag

I’m hoping you have some advice on lowering the costs of my insurance. I feel like my insurance bills are killing me!

– Justin

Hi Justin!

When I’m working with students in our Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp – one of my favorite exercises is going through their individual expenses, finding all the places they can save money. Insurance is an expense that many of us assume we can’t change. But in fact, there are two ways to trim insurance costs.

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