The Formula for Success = You + A Dream + A Decision

I’ve written before that much of financial planning comes down to you. In my time working with people, I’m always sad when they want to talk about all of the reasons they can’t get ahead. They worry about politics, the government in general, rules and regulations, the stock market and more…

Yet there’s also something very exciting to be found at the other end of the spectrum. It’s inspiring engaging with clients who are passionate about life and everything they are   Continue reading this post >

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The “I Hate Talking About Money” Problem

One of the most common feelings about money is that there is this “mystery target” out there somewhere… and that as soon as our bank accounts reach that magical number, all of our financial troubles and worries will be over and we won’t have to spend time dealing with our finances anymore.

Here’s the truth…

  1. Everyone – no matter how wealthy – worries about money sometimes; andSpeakSeeHearNoEvil
  2. We will always have to “deal with” our   Continue reading this post >
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Gift Ideas to Teach Finance and Economics!

Gift Ideas to Teach Finance and Economics!

Money BoxAs a creative person, don’t you find many holiday gatherings are a little less….creative than they could be? According to the National Retail Federation, more people are giving gift cards this year as presents than ever before. Gift cards? Have we completely run out of entertaining, interesting ideas for our friends?

A friend of mine suggested board games that teach people about money.

What a fantastic   Continue reading this post >

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How Money Helps You Create Great Work

hand holds book of big idea“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me…Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me.”
-Steve Jobs

I was speaking with a friend the other day who said, “No offense, but money people are so obsessed with cash that they forget to create. They’re so obsessed with profits that they miss the point of   Continue reading this post >

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Challenge Common Money Asssumptions

Yesterday I was reading a piece about retirement planning. The author, a popular money guru, was making the case that before anything you should save toward retirement. I laughed when I read it because as an artist who also works with artists, I’ve learned to challenge assumptions. Most of the creative people I work with would like to retire, but they’re also into living a balanced life: they aren’t going to give up their art today to put a few   Continue reading this post >

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Becoming Your Own Simon Cowell

Okay – tell the truth. Even though it can sting a little…don’t you find you appreciate honest, good quality feedback? There are very few people who give us straight advice about anything…especially finances. How am I doing? Could I do better? What needs improvement?

In short, many of us need a Simon Cowell.

I find it kind of painful to watch many of the auditions for shows like American Idol. If you think about it, doesn’t this kind of sum up the   Continue reading this post >

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A Birthday Sale!

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” -Emily Dickinson

It’s my birthday! And it’s not just ANY birthday…today I’m actually turning 40 YEARS OLD! Isn’t that crazy?

I remember when I was a teenager, 40 seemed practically ancient. Now, the funny thing is that I still keep waiting for that magic day when I’ll feel like a “real” grownup.

Of course I realize there’s a school of thought that says that especially as an actor I should be   Continue reading this post >

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5 Lessons from 2011

This time of year I like to look back over the last twelve months and reflect. For me, life is about making mistakes–mentors have told me that if you don’t make any mistakes, you aren’t moving fast enough. This year has been a whirlwind, so I must have made some real doozies!

While it certainly can be difficult, I try not to dwell on my missteps as long as I learn from them. At this time of year, I also like   Continue reading this post >

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Build Your Financial House of Brick

Remember the three little pigs? Sure you do. The moral of the nursery rhyme was simple:  build your house right the first time and it won’t be blown over.

In the arts, we’ve all heard this advice before. It’s the quality of our work that brings people back. We’ve watched suspiciously as performers with gimmicks shoot to the heights of fame for a few brief moments; but it’s only quality work that helps ensure a long, prosperous career.

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Children and Money

Being a financial coach and a parent means that I frequently get asked questions about children and money. Many of us struggle as adults because we never learned how to really manage our finances. We wonder how we can avoid making the same mistakes with our own sons and daughters.

Introducing an allowance can play a role in helping children learn to save. But how much should we give them? Should the allowance be tied to chores? These are just a   Continue reading this post >

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