Is a Second “Side Job” the Right Answer?


Is a Second “Side” Job the Right Answer?

If you’ve ever thought about earning more money, you might have turned immediately to the idea of taking on a second job. But as artists we know that a side job isn’t JUST about more cash in your pocket… It is important to seriously weigh the consequences on your craft and any other income streams you already have.

The Money Crunch

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Doing Something vs. Doing the Right Thing

Finance is often as much about planning as it is about doing. I know that sentiment isn’t popular. We live in a ready, fire, aim world. Remember the phrase “The early bird gets the worm?” Society values the first mover. While speed and making decisions are certainly important factors in your success, it’s as important to focus on the right task as it is to be performing a task at all.

Here’s a story about two women I’ve met recently:

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