How to Finish the Year With a Flourish

In the final weeks of December, it’s important to take one last look back at the year. How’s your plan coming? If it’s like mine, there are still some items on the “to do” list that you’ve yet to mark off. We’re down to only a few weeks to finish up our goals for 2015.2015 to 2016

I was listening to a podcast recently with Hal Elrod (of Miracle Morning fame). He was sharing   Continue reading this post >

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Getting Out Of Debt

Attacking Your Debt: What’s the Best Approach?

You may know the feeling: You’re at the bookstore and spy a wonderful new reference book that’ll help with your art….or you’re at the clothing store to pick out an outfit for an audition, and the perfect fit is just outside of your price range.

What’s a little credit card debt, right? You’ll be able to pay it off later. Hopefully.

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Avoiding Tax Time Stress

Don’t taxes stink?

While I love the promise of a new year, the threat of an upcoming tax season is absolutely exhausting! I think we creatives have it doubly bad; we work from the energy of bending rules and pushing boundaries. There are no bendable boundaries or rules with the IRS. Instead, it’s a simple game: do it right, the first time, on time, and you win. Everything else is   Continue reading this post >

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5 Tales of Financial Horror

I know Halloween was last week, but let’s keep the fun alive with some financial horror stories. Didn’t you love horror stories as a kid? I liked them…until I tried to sleep. Then, more often then not, I spent the night staring at the ceiling, sure that at any minute some disconfigured arm would grab me from under the bed.


The bad news is that we all have friends who have   Continue reading this post >

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Refinancing Your House, Car, or Credit Cards

Interest rates are low. Most of the time it’s wise to ignore anyone who tells you “you really need to….”, but believe me, you should check the interest rates of all your debt before interest rates rise.

…and when are interest rates going to rise? That’s the problem; I don’t know. Therefore, I recommend you do it right now.

Before We Begin

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How to Cure a Credit Card Hangover

Ah, late January… a time of colder temperatures, snuggling around a warm fireplace…and December’s credit card bill waiting like a bomb in your mailbox.


Did you overspend during the holiday season? If not, many people you know made up for you. According to this Bloomberg Businessweek article, consumer debt rose more in November of last year than it had in 10 years.

Although analysts call this a “good sign” for the economy, doesn’t this statistic frighten you? Weren’t we just   Continue reading this post >

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Why the New Credit Card Law Affects You

Honing a craft is a solitary activity. Excellence means many hours out of the spotlight, so that once you’re finally ready for prime-time, all of the finer points of the work are complete. To your audience it’s effortless; you’re a pro.

Unfortunately, this “solitary confinement” approach to excellence often clashes with successful money management. The government and business community are constantly revising rules that affect your ability to manage your money.

That’s precisely what happened late last month. A new credit card   Continue reading this post >

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The REAL Road to Wealth…

Last week, an old friend called to meet for lunch. I suggested we try a comfortable mid-priced place with a patio, but she insisted on one of the nicest restaurants in town. Arriving, I couldn’t help but notice that her car was worth about double mine. She was dressed from head to toe in designer clothes and sported a pair of sunglasses I suspected cost so much that I’d be far too nervous to wear them. I was surprised to   Continue reading this post >

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Where Do I Start???

It was about 10 years ago that I reached a breaking point in terms of money. I had lots of debt, an almost empty bank account, and just getting the mail would bring me to tears because of all the bills I had just received and I wasn’t sure how to pay. If something didn’t shift, I was pretty certain that my pursuit of an acting career was over, not to mention the fact that I’d probably have to move   Continue reading this post >

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The Most Important Score in Your Financial Life

I pulled my car into a garage to have the oil changed this week. I realized during this process how closely some of these financial topics mirror auto repair jargon. Sometimes it takes all of my acting experience to pretend I know what a mechanic means when he’s explaining the difference between types of oil. I’m terrified he’ll recognize me as the not-sure-where-the-oil-goes person I am, and suddenly the cost of my car repair magically skyrockets.

As I’m smart enough to   Continue reading this post >

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