Last One for a While

So, we have some GREAT (and sad) news…

At Abundance Bound, we’re artists, and we’re, like you, busy. Not just about financial stuff, about creative stuff. Sometimes we’re trying to push out a new program, sometimes we’re working on the latest edition of a book, and often times we’re consumed, like you, with our artistic endeavors. I’m an active actor in the Los Angeles community, Bryan is, well, doing all the wonderful things Bryan does.

Which is why it’s with EXCITEMENT (and   Continue reading this post >

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Buh Buh Buh Boot Camp

Yep, you heard it here.  The Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp Intensive is back! I’m teaching beginning for six weeks October.  More details here.

Monday evenings via teleseminar.  You can join from anywhere in the damn world, people, so no excuses!  Just come and learn about art, money, and how to put them both together without falling over. Like Jenga.

Oh, come on, it’s more fun than Jenga!  Actually, that’s debatable.  I’ve seen some Jenga matches that put   Continue reading this post >

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