Masterminds, Mentorship and Success

Masterminds, Mentorship and Success

You’ve probably heard the saying, “We are the product of our friends.” This is so very true. It shouldn’t surprise you that nice people who are knee deep in debt often have friends who are also debt-ridden. Perhaps they share feel good lines like, “I don’t need money when I have love.” While love won’t bring you more money, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

On the flip side, some of my most creative friends also   Continue reading this post >

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4 Year End Financial Moves To End 2012 With a Bang!

4 Year End Financial Moves To End 2012 With a Bang!

I can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again! We’re saying goodbye to 2012….and it seems like we just said goodbye to 2011. This can be a crazy time for creatives. We’re busy building, sculpting, performing. But don’t forget that the end of the year is also a time to close the books on your financial life so you can   Continue reading this post >

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Free Financial Seminar at Actors Fund LA!

If you’re an artist living in the Los Angeles area, I hope you’ll join me this coming Monday, March 19th at 10:30 AM for a FREE, LIVE seminar hosted by the Actors Fund of America:

Call Off the Struggle: You can pursue your passion without drowning in constant financial stress.

In this fun and interactive workshop, I’ll cover topics including:

  • Strengthening your financial mindset
  • Getting financially organized
  • Establishing a financial “baseline”
  • Setting a realistic spending plan
  • Developing financial goals
  • And more!

I’ll also be answering the specific questions you   Continue reading this post >

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Did We Strike a Nerve?


Bryan and I have simply been blown away by the response to last week’s “Living in Possibility” call! Hundreds of you joined us for a conversation about living life powerfully as artists who CHOOSE to create the success you desire (and deserve) in every area of your lives. We suspected there would be a few motivated artists who might dive into the material, but we just weren’t prepared for the number of calls and emails we’ve received, sharing your questions,   Continue reading this post >

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Cost to Market Your Career

How much should you plan on spending to market your craft?

This is an extremely difficult question, because every business is different. Plus, because of the highly artistic businesses of many of our readers, the rules of thumb for most businesses don’t necessarily apply.

There’s a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer is a rule of thumb.Organizations use a number as high as thirty   Continue reading this post >

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Daily ProsperiTIP

Surround yourself with people who have also made the commitment to create financial prosperity.

We all recognize the people in our lives that are busy – they’re creating – they have goals and dreams and they are actively going for them. Then we also have some peeps who just seem to be hanging around…:) Focus on building community with individuals who are up to something. Recruit and cherish talented people so that together you can support your dreams. Doing   Continue reading this post >

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When Are Seminars & Workshops Worth The Price?

WHEN ASKED by Kiplinger about financial planning for individuals, President Obama recently said, “Spend on things that are going to increase your productivity and your income over the long term.” I agree with this sentiment. I get excited about purchasing items and services that can multiply the amount I’ll earn over the course of my career. It’s money well spent. Abundance Bound is built on the philosophy that knowledge increases your wealth.

I mention this quote because in the mail I   Continue reading this post >

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From the Mailbag

Hi Miata,

Should I set up a separate business account for the small amount I earn from my craft? It seems like overkill because I make so little.

– Jasmine

Dear Jasmine,


Keeping craft money separate from household funds is important for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Separate funds create a scorecard. Many artists want to track how they’re performing financially from their art. By keeping it separate, you’ll have a gauge of how far you’ve come. You’ll also know how far you need   Continue reading this post >
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Let’s Talk About Mindset!

I had a session today with one of my clients. Her acting career is starting to take off which is so exciting. Moneywise she is also in really good shape. Since we started our work together she’s gotten much more organized, paid off lots of debt and is starting to focus on saving and investing.

Great right?

The problem is that in spite of all of the wonderful things happening in her life, this client really struggles with   Continue reading this post >

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Is Your Career Worth It?

Here’s some goods that — I think — I’ve come to know:

If you cultivate the talent within you, commit to working hard, and are able to create and then execute a specific plan with persistence, drive and determination — we can and will ultimately have success doing what we love! It’s been true for countless artists before us. And it’ll be true for thousands more, hopefully including you.


But now the bad news. I have absolutely no   Continue reading this post >

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