BONUS: Joanna 3

CONTENT NOTE: This episode was recorded prior to the 2020 pandemic. ———————— As a smart, talented creative you are totally capable of doing lots of things easily. But easy is different than doable. The question is do you have the energy to do it? Can you spare the bandwidth to do it? Can you create the space in which to do it? Those are the questions I encourage you to start asking – especially around all of the easy stuff.

In this episode, Kristine addresses some of Joanna’s concerns about over-stuffing her schedule, missing opportunities, interviewing for new day jobs, and not giving her all at work. Joanna is a writer/producer who is starting a side biz offering online courses in script analysis.

———————— Kristine’s free online workshop: Creating Cash When Times Are Tough. You can watch the video or listen to the audio or read the transcript.

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    Magic Audio Editor Pro is a Windows application which aims to offer more than most audio editors on the market. Main functions include simple editing of individual tracks, fade effects, as well as removing silence and noise or automatically adjusting the samples’ frequency rate.
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    It can be an efficient way of doing repetitive and sometimes unwieldy tasks.

    Motocage is a Java application for inking car keys. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article How to make your Java applications more appealing to security-conscious users. This article describes how to improve your application in order to make it easier to use an add-on for car locking systems. I think it is very important to have the add-on installed, because security-aware users will never

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    Automaticly launch Cygwin the first time you start your PC (if not launch automatically)

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    Category:Windows security softwareQ:

    Is a specific class of finite-dimensional algebras called ‘classical’ and why is this terminology used in quantum physics

    In quantum physics, the structure consisting of a vector space $V$ and a structure consisting of an operation $ T : V \to V$ is called a classical structure. I would like to know whether a specific class of finite dimensional algebras is the quantum algebra $\mathrm{

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    It allows the corresponding objects to be selected via the filter option, which can be adjusted to multiple values of matching criteria, including: properties, fields, columns and different record types.
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    A number of online businesses use ad-tracking software for their company. They allow the website owner to gather information about the performance of various online advertising and marketing efforts. It is a relatively new addition to the business ecosystem. But, now that this is the mainstream, business owners will surely want to track their campaigns to an organized fashion.

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    (unless you have autorun.inf on your desktop)
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    OpenBVE engine is a game engine created for an educational purpose to develop a variety of simulations. The idea behind the engine was to develop an educational simulation with low cost rendering and great possibilities for animations.
    Everything that is done in the engine is under GPL license meaning that everything is free for educational use

    Vapor is a high performance display rasterisation engine, developed for on-screen gaming with 3D graphics. Supported display formats are (among others): Painterly, Metallic

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    Type II Total War: Shambhala not working […]

    One of the biggest and best adventures of the Jackson’s dynasty is coming!
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    This tool is able to shrink the partitions inside a virtual disk file.

    Release 1.01
    computein6: rectify a bug on test file (explicitely host mode)

    Release 1.00
    accurate snapshots notifications message
    add a command line parameters to abort a job
    1 usage example for
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    · Java 2.2 or later, included in the pre-compiled application.
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    Robin John Rhys (born 10 September 1987 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish singer. He is a member of the band Ayla, since 2001.

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    Additionally, TONE COMPILER comes with a large library of presets that include acoustic instruments, classical loop instruments and human sounds. All of the sound effects are well-described inside the tool, so you can control everything with ease.
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    Battlefield 1

    Battlefield 1 has been in production for a while now. The heavy tanks (Audi A 7), weak SPG (Leonard Grasshopper) and Helicopters (Mi-6) (overpowered by very cheap Russian Aircraft almost every single time) made the big PR.

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    The built-in optical jukeboxes include the OPUSS MEGA MPS PRO Jukebox, OPUSS MPT-1 & 2 Jukeboxes, and Shinko CD Super CD Jukebox.
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    Windows related clustering software.
    Ajarta Linux, a Debian-like version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
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    IP Switcher needs to be installed in one of the following locations:
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    or later (installed by default on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10);
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    Due to new MS configurations, we can not longer recommend the (1.0) RProtect S7 download, please download the (2.0) RProtect S7 and install RProtect S7, it will help you more and faster.



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    Source: freeware publishing software reviews.bestbit.euYesterday National Neighbor Day was on the Harry Reid Street Blog. The event celebrates neighbors helping neighbors and I write about the program that was begun by the facilitators of the Summer Streets program in Boulder’s Riverfront District last month.

    Two other events were held to publicly celebrate the neighborhood helpers. A first-time program organizer reports their success to the Daily Camera.

    This is the first year that anyone has ever
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    May 14, 2017

    EU-UK Joint Report

    Today is a fine day for both sides to report our progress to the EU27. David Davis needs to show some leadership right away; and senior ministers in the Government need to set out a road-map for the negotiations and return to these issues timeously. The UK is not going to blindly accept any commitment on the current negotiating position, and there is a need to be seen to be consulting widely with the public. For
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    The metadata and their hierarchical structure are described using the standard data models on the XDS consortium

    The MetaMaster licensing model is mainly about the “provisioning” or “per-usage” of the software.
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    For more details, check out the screenshot gallery below.

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    Play2 – Unit Testing with Play Native
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    How to simplify a model of two series of numbers in Stata?

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    Spire.Print for.NET is a utility that can help developers implement printing functions within their.NET application. This tool allows users to start and view print processes through a common user interface (via.NET’s dialogs), regardless of the printer used.
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    Apologies to my Santa for going AWOL and delay time-waster, emails have been light and it’s week 4! Oh, I have an abundance of photos and a few T shirts in my Twitter feed, but I had to wait for some client obligations to clear up!

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    We can use this simple API to download a folders full-text content, extract the content in various formats (HTML, plain, MOBI, PDF, text and RTF) and query the inner meta data of extracted documents.

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    *For DWSIM version 0.11*
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    This is the compability plugin from webdev, and is working using the plugin from:

    Plugin is based on:

    This plugin calculates Nitrogen Dioxide properties like Vapor Pressure, Log P, Odor Threshold, Odor Intensity, Odor Odor Strength and Odor Threshold Time.
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    • Sizes of PIC registers, PIC macrocells, and memory are automatically calculated on project startup. Optimization level and sizes of PIC registers, PIC macrocells, and memory can be defined.
    • Main features:
    -> Assembly level optimizations, Enable and optimize functions, Calculation, Project and optimize architecture, Calculation of FAST FLASH operation. PIC Macrocell functions can be used as components of other macros, PICs, and
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  62. lysafig
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  63. herballo
    herballo says:

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  64. saloweth
    saloweth says:

    installed and properly working
    ■ A JS file to be inserted into pages. Permissions:
    ■ Owe of the following: “allowScriptAccess=sameDomain”
    ■ Display these widgets on Web sites with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and later.
    Include the full JPEG file when you send images from your computer to the web site.
    Site Script included Font Variation (Powwow Collection)
    Requires the Font Variation (Powwow Collection)
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  65. lauevet
    lauevet says:

    What’s New in Version 17.0.1029
    – fixed problem with “Add to archive” option disappearing
    – fixed calculation of in-use size in version 17
    – fixed force restart option in heatup gallery
    – added memory indicator for large CPU testing
    – added memory indicator for large memory tests
    – fixed problem with internal time calculation
    – fixed problem where you could run slayer for too long when temperatures high
    – fixed stop time/Score not showing
    – fixed
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  66. alerev
    alerev says:

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  67. frisan
    frisan says:

    Digital guitar screensaver creates a beautiful guitar stereo with an eas…

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    Digital guitar screensaver creates a beautiful guitar stereo with an eas…

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