• Our free subscription level provides you access to free resources and reading material. In addition, you’ll receive our monthly “Share the Wealth” content – designed to help you strengthen your financial relationship.


  • This subscription provides you access to all of the content of the free membership level PLUS our transformational Money Mindset and Management coursework! This is for the artist that desires to build the mindset and practical financial habits critical to managing a creative career.


  • This subscription provides you access to all of the content in the free and entry level memberships PLUS the Money Mastery coursework, live monthly Q&A sessions, and monthly Mastermind webinars with dynamic guest experts/speakers, who’ll share practical insights to support your journey. This content is designed to support the artist both through AND beyond the basics; and delves into complex financial education topics which will spur growth.

Coaching Packages

Mindset Coaching

$25000monthly (3 months)
  • The Mindset Coaching Program will support you in beginning to create a healthy and positive relationship with your finances. You’ll get all the information you need in simple, manageable chunks so you can do what you need to do without getting overwhelmed.

Management Coaching

$22500monthly (6 months)
  • The Management Coaching Program focuses on securing the foundation that will allow you to pursue your career from a place of financial strength and knowledge. You’ll engage with powerful and effective techniques that work with an artistic lifestyle; and be provided with the ongoing accountability, insight AND action steps designed to take you from financial uncertainty to clarity and confidence.

Mastery Coaching

$20000monthly (12 months)
  • This is a year-long period of unparalleled support and accountability, as you design and implement a “money plan” that puts you in complete control of your future. In addition to the work done by clients in our Mindset and Management Programs – you will receive expert direction on the development and/or strengthening of side businesses/additional income streams.