07: Everybody’s Already Doing Everything

Today we’re going to talk about the story that “everyone is already doing everything so there’s no room for you.”

And it IS just a story – but boy it is one your lizard brain likes to crawl out and whisper in your ear – isn’t it?

“Someone’s already doing what you want to do. And they are already established. And they’re really good. You’re starting too late. So why even try?” (Ugh, sounds familiar!)

In the hopes that it will help, I’m sharing a story about a realization I had one afternoon after I my lizard brain had successfully lured me deep into a spin cycle of “Why even bother?”


Kristine’s free online workshop: Creating Cash When Times Are Tough – watch the video or listen to the audio or read the transcript.

Host: Kristine Oller

Music: Pictures of the Floating World

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