The Case for Cutting Cable

Let’s Cut The Cord But Keep Your Entertainment RetroTV

I’m inspired by quality television. I’m against cutting out dramas or a good comedy from my routine, but I absolutely love saving money and getting the same value.

So, let’s start with $100 per month that you saved on cable and see how much we’ll have to spend of it to replace your favorite shows.

Netflix: For a fraction of the cost of your cable bill, you can stream many great (and some original) content from Netflix. Double the fee and you have access to nearly every DVD on earth. Cost? from $8. ($92 left)

Hulu: I get annoyed by Hulu premium plans because they keep commercials AND make you pay. But, then I think….”I was watching commercials when I had cable, and I was paying a ton!” Great point. Most top shows from all the major networks and more. Cost? $8. ($84 left)

Amazon Prime: The newest kid on the block, Amazon Prime, offers TONS of shows from many different sources, including most of the networks. That’s not all: you also get a music streaming service and access to many book-sharing programs PLUS (of course) free two day shipping on many products. Cost? $100 per year or $8.33 per month. ($75.67 left)

Sports: Missing your favorite sport? Sign up to watch them online. Major League Baseball allows people to watch every out-of-market game for $130 per year. Most major sports have similar packages. Cost? $10.83/mo. ($64.84 left)

Using four sources we just cut out the cable subscription and saved around 2/3 of the fee! Plus, you don’t have to wait….watch shows whenever you want!

One Time Costs

Any person who’s cut the cable knows that these aren’t all of the fees. There are some one-time costs associated with keeping your entertainment level high.

Let’s tackle those:

Digital antenna: With the digital version of “rabbit ears” you have full access to all of the local channels in full HD. Cost? $30

Roku, Rabbit TV, Google Chromecast, or similar: there are lots of options here, but you need something to bring your internet signal to your television. The Google Chromecast is the least expensive at $35, but unless you’re using an Android device, it’s difficult to control. A Roku box hooks up to the back of your television and presents you with a menu of “channels” based on your tastes (you decide which channels to add to your menu). The most expensive option weighs in at $95 but comes with a remote that includes a spot for earbuds to plug in. No more keeping your roommate or spouse awake while you catch up on CSI! Cost? $95 max.

Total one-time costs? $125 to switch.

Ready to Jump?

It’s easy to save a ton of money on entertainment without sacrificing all of your fun. By cutting the cord on cable or satellite you’ll keep access to your favorite shows AND can schedule to watch entertainment whenever you want. Some people have found that this helps them stay focused on their creative pursuits—no more cutting an artistic session short because you have to catch a scheduled broadcast!

What are you waiting for? Call the cable company NOW!