The BEST Quote Ever!

“Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little.” — Gore Vidal

My acting teacher shared this quote with me, and it quickly became one of my favorites.  I still laugh at it, and I still wish it weren’t so damn true.  Don’t you wish that at this stage of development we were more enlightened, less envious, more accomplishing, less self-sabotaging?  Or that we could openly acknowledge where we are at, be genuinely and fully happy for the success of others, and trust that the universal abundance that exists was ours to share, that the extraordinary life of our dreams was truly within reach… like, right now?

Yeah, us too.

If there’s a disconnect between what you want–what you authentically know to be possible for you creatively and professionally–and the actual results you achieve day in and day out, then I invite you to join me and Miata on our free webcast, LIVING IN POSSIBILITY. It’s a 90-minute call that could shock you, might inspire you, and will almost certainly raise your consciousness and provoke some amazing new actions.

It’s sometimes amusing to me that here at Abundance Bound we’re in the business of teaching artists about finance, when a great deal of what we do has nothing to do with money. In fact, this seminar could easily be called, IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY.  It’s about our emotional relationships.  It is how we feel about money, or success, or family and friends, or acting or painting or music–or whatever–that defines our world and our level of satisfaction. I don’t care whether you book one acting job or a thousand acting jobs, or paint the Sistine Chapel II, you can’t outrun your subconscious or your deep emotional paradigms.

But… you can outwit those paradigms, replace them and redefine your mental picture, enhancing success and prosperity in extraordinary ways. Join us on Tuesday and we’ll show you how.

We want for you to take quantum leaps in your life.  Not because it’s autumn and the end of the year is approaching.  Not so you can tick off some mental calendar of accomplishment and then return to your previous patterns.  Because we want to prove to you that you truly can, and give you the tools to adjust what isn’t working–immediately and permanently.

If you don’t feel like a success in art, money or business; if you wonder why others are achieving great results while you’re hitting the same walls and obstacles time and again; if you’ve been giving everything you have to give and are still coming up short over and over; if a couple of years has gone by without realizing the forward movement you know you deserve: then join us on Tuesday.

We want you, inside, to know what it is you’re undeniably capable of, and we want you to take these ideas and generate income, and artistic opportunities, and more meaningful relationships. Then, when the next obstacle arises, or the next big project begins, you will have the confidence to unlock another realm of success and abundance. And so you can fulfill that inner promise to yourself, and help others do the same.

Stop envying the success of others and become the example you should be.  Frankly, isn’t it time you got the $#*! out of your own way?

Yeah, we think so too.

On Tuesday, let us show you how to stop holding yourself back, in every way: financially, creatively, professionally, and interpersonally. Become unstoppable.  Become more relaxed.  Become who you really are, and what you wish to be. Next Tuesday.  (Have we mentioned the call is on Tuesday?)  We’re so excited about it.  It’s going to be amazing, we can’t wait to share.  And we hope you’ll join us.

Have an inspired weekend, and we’ll both see you (next Tuesday).