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We hope you’ll join our community and help us to change the world. (You can start by clicking the free downloads to the right.) If these testimonials add a touch of credibility to our cause, then we’re happy to receive the attention. Really, we don’t like to pat ourselves on the back. But if we’re honest, a bit of affection never hurt anybody.


David Forest

"Since I started coaching sessions with Miata, I have stabilized my spending, created additional sources of income within my field of music, and finally feel free to enjoy the process of consciously building my dream career as a performer. Some artists find it romantic, maybe even inspiring, to be struggling...and often, to be struggling financially. I know I did. But when I realized that this idea of "figuring the money stuff out AFTER I make it big or sell a song" was actually keeping me stuck, I knew it was time to make a change & become accountable for myself. Always supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental, Miata creates a space that allows me to be honest about money, and out of this space I am able to make changes and see results in my life. She has helped me get clear on my career goals and the concrete action I need to take to make progress. Pursuing my music career from a financial place of "having" as opposed to "lacking" makes me feel good about myself, not to mention the process of making art a WHOLE lot more fun. "



Steve Harper

"Working with Miata was a real gift. I was hoping to upgrade my business and Miata brought a calm focus, a warmth and professional expertise to that process. I got tremendous clarity about how my business was doing well and how it wasn't. She helped me put a solid foundation in place and under her guidance I've established an exciting plan for the future. Through her step by step coaching I negotiated my first partnership with another company. I highly recommend working with Miata."

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Sorcha Ra

"When I first looked at the Abundance Bound programs, I wondered if they would be relevant to me as an artist who is not living in the United States. By the end of the second week of the seminar, I was convinced that this was one of the most useful things I have done for my artistic career since deciding to be a full-time artist. The Artist's Prosperity System is of immense value to all artists, whatever their art form, and wherever in the world they're based.

Although I'm already a successful, working artist, there were areas of my finances and business that I wasn't focusing on. Through this program, I overcame the blocks that were keeping me from addressing these arenas. I am now truly comfortable recognizing that my artistic career is also a business. Already, my fee is increasing and with the increased financial stability, I'm able to concentrate more on the art I want to create.

Miata is a generous teacher, giving much more than just financial education. I felt truly supported by someone who cared about helping me become both financial and artistically more successful. She has designed a program that I think all people who are setting out on a creative career should study, alongside their chosen craft."


Aaron Mendelson

"I just finished reviewing my progress since the 10-week Artist's Prosperity Boot Camp that I completed a year ago. After crunching the numbers, I discovered that I've reduced my debt by 12%, while investing in two new wealth building vehicles, in which I make automatic monthly deposits. I started a Roth IRA, and am presently also investing in an Index Fund.

Perhaps I would have been able to accomplish this progress without taking your workshop, though I sincerely doubt it. Besides profiting from the Abundance Bound technology, I was able to accomplish this debt reduction and investment plan without the stress and fear that have always been a part of my money management skills in the past.

I've also been successful at resurrecting my acting career, as well as breaking new ground, being able to budget in new classes and workshops. With your training, I now run my career more like a business than I ever have in my many years of being an actor.

Your course was an investment of $600. I've cut my debt down over $5,500 while moving my career forward, and I've started new investments whose interest rates match or soundly beat the inflation rate. The future is looking very promising.”



Natalia Duncan

"When I got out of college, I didn’t know that I didn’t know anything about managing my money. Not too many years after, I was on the brink of abandoning my creative dreams because the debt was too overwhelming. No one taught me how to make a budget, project my expenses or deal with fluctuating income much less what deductions a self-employed creative could take. Then I met Miata and found Abundance Bound.

During our private sessions, Miata helped me lay out a personalized plan to reach my financial and professional goals. She walked me through each step, providing support and encouragement when the prospect of being debt-free was just a pipe dream. And when that day finally did come, she made sure I had a sustainable plan in place to avoid a financial “relapse.” I loved working with her because she listened to my frustrations and reassured me that I could overcome what seemed insurmountable at the start and that I could do so without having to put my creative pursuits on hold. When I needed help figuring out a side business that would support my creative life, she was there ready to assist and help me work through my plans.

As I move into the next phase of my life and start growing my wealth, I know that I have a strong foundation and a place to turn to when I have questions or get overwhelmed. The peace of mind that comes with understanding my finances and knowing how to handle anything that pops up has liberated me in my professional life, and I am now able to take creative risks that are more rewarding.

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, Abundance Bound is absolutely a solution to the perplexing world of money management. These teachings should be required for anyone getting a degree from college. Thank you Abundance Bound for giving me my financial freedom!"


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Carlease Burke

"Before taking the Artist's Prosperity Boot Camp, I thought being an artist meant starving, struggling and having a legitimate excuse for not paying bills on time. Now, ten weeks later, after a lot of hard, fun and very productive work on my finances, I have paid off huge dental bills, created a wealth account and pay my bills before they're due. During this time, I also got a manager, booked two TV shows and two commercials!

This is not a cookie cutter program. Miata Edoga has a gift for being able to access the specific needs of each participant and advise them according to their individual circumstances. It's amazing! She is truly a woman who is "up to something!" Because of the organizational work I've done in this course, for the first time ever, I am ready to tackle my tax returns at the beginning of the year. I will not be scrambling with receipts and paperwork on April 14th!

Look out world, I am Abundance Bound!"



Gabriel Gonsalves

"This is work that will really get you in action! Within two weeks of starting the Artist's Prosperity Boot Camp, I signed with a manager and an agent and found a part-time job that is helping me move to a positive cash-flow position."



Piper Moretti

"I now have control over my money and my future.

I knew I had to so something about my financial situation, besides ignoring it and hoping it would somehow fix itself when I "made it big." I reluctantly went to an Abundance Bound seminar because they're all the same, right? WRONG! Wow, did I get an eye opener! Miata taught me I could start turning my bleak financial picture around immediately, by paying myself first through my wealth account and how to use my current job as a cash machine to fuel my acting business!

Miata took the time with me and went through my earnings and showed me a step-by-step method to attract money, build wealth and begin to treat my acting career like a business. Thanks to Abundance Bound, I now have control over my money and my future, regardless of where I am on the success ladder. I am also more organized than ever and I am looking forward to my Financial Freedom Day!

I tell all my struggling colleagues about Abundance Bound—it's a hidden gem every creative person should keep in their back pocket!"



Jen Ponton

"Thank you so much for your invaluable seminar! I have started to apply your tools and am feeling more secure and confident. I've really flown with the organization of my monies. I have a very detailed spreadsheet that I update every few days, and it has made my life tremendously easier. I have a much better way to track incoming and outgoing funds. Also, my record-keeping gave me over $9000 in tax deductions this year, which (of course) was the defining factor between me owing the Fed money and them sending me a refund. :) Thank you, again, for all you do! You are amazing people and a wonderful resource!"

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