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We’re dismantling the notion of the starving artist in 9 simple steps.

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To sustain an artistic life, you must build a financial one. Abundance Bound has helped me manage both dreams at once!

—Kristin Hanggi
2009 Tony-nominated Director

Well, hello.

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We teach artists about finance. Yup. We said it.

Actors. Artists. Directors. Producers. Singers. Musicians. Designers. Dancers. Painters. Sculptors.
DJs. Fire-Eaters. Beat Boxers. Baton Twirlers. Break Dancers. Slam Poets. Craft-Makers. And all the rest...

Creative Team

Abundance Bound Coaches strive for excellence in both art and finance. We speak up to you, not down.


Proven System

AB Programs define the path to financial stability, one gold brick at a time. Start walking, we’ll lead the way.


Enhanced Community

Artists across the world connect through our Programs. Let’s grow this movement together.


Expanded Resources

Abundance Bound offers financial tools that fit the artist’s lifestyle. Simple and clear—the AB motto.


Ongoing Insight

The Gold Standard blog includes wit and wisdom about our two favorite subjects—art and money.

Your financial education begins with a simple system.

The Artist’s Prosperity System  |  Nine Simple Steps to Elevate your Finances to a Work of Art

Artists are unique. Our creative minds work differently, and our relationship to money should reflect this distinction. Tired of struggling financially, Abundance Bound founder and actor Miata Edoga developed the Artist’s Prosperity System, a nine-step process that addresses our community's financial challenges. We now teach the APS to artists through a variety of programs with one common goal: to provide results that afford us the freedom to pursue our artistic dreams.

Click on the steps to see how it works.

It's broken.

Your choice to pursue your art is noble and inspiring.

Artists have a responsibility to this world. It’s not just about making a buck.
It’s a calling. It’s a craft. It’s a discipline. It’s a point of view. It’s a lifestyle.

You have a responsibilty as an artist

Let’s lay it on the line.

Abundance Bound was founded by artists for artists. We’re big fans of folks like us. And we want to ensure you—we—stay in this game as long as possible and continue to express those creative urges that will impact the next generation. So much good can happen in this world because of the creativity and ingenuity you bring to the table. And so, with love, we really have to say...

It just ain’t gonna happen...

Seriously. If you don’t learn to handle your money—this very real, very significant portion of your life—you are sabotaging your efforts toward success. You cannot sustain this pursuit by praying for the next big break. You must get real. Stop being misrepresented, misunderstood, and miscategorized all over the place, and stop missing out on lots of other “normal” things, too.

  • Stability
  • Savings
  • Travel
  • Eating meals without tuna
  • Home ownership
  • Health insurance
  • Working car
  • Eating meals without ramen noodles
  • Extra time with loved ones
  • Premium cable channels
  • Therapy for your pets
  • Eating

Stop suffering! You’re an artist, and you deserve the same benefits as everyone else. However, this calling costs, and the responsibility is on your shoulders. Eventually you will have to ante up.

So what should you do? Stay in the game.

Don’t pack up and go home. You can avoid your money and continue with the unfortunate notion that you are a Starving Artist, or you could, today, begin the journey toward prosperity that will enhance every aspect of your life and career.

Read about our Programs.
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Make Abundance Bound your financial home.

Until you are on your feet, and long after you’ve built your empire, get involved, get inspired, get honest with yourself and get on track. And most importantly...

Join the movement and share the message!

To your prosperity,

Miata Edoga & The Abundance Bound Creative Team

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