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If you are a confident, motivated, artist seeking a clear, practical and creative path for your finances while building new relationships with your money and craft...

We have some good news.

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What's the number one reason artists give up?

Yep, it’s money.

Are you a creative professional that...

  • Is dedicated to your craft and tired of being a "starving artist?"
  • Believes that your finances will be turned around once you’ve had that big break?
  • Has one or more day jobs—that are either insufferable or just tolerable—yet still feel like you're broke?
  • Wishes you knew how to start taking control of your finances?
  • Would like to increase your income and be financially secure without feeling that you are "selling out" or giving up on your goals and dreams?

And are you open to...

  • Breathing easier?
  • Doing a little work that is fun, fulfilling and creative?
  • Seeing yourself and the world around you as just a little bit more on your side?
  • Taking some simple steps—with professional guidance—to right the money ship?
  • Creating and receiving the financial independence necessary to afford you the time and energy to focus on your artistic career—the freedom to pursue your dreams?

Well, you definitely are not alone!

Many artists experience constant anxiety and insecurity about money.

Abundance Bound can help you break out of this uncontrolled financial cycle, change the way you relate to money—forever—and have a lot of fun in the process! It is also much easier than you think.

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The problem

Basic financial education was never provided in school.

There are thousands of people graduating from artistic programs every year desiring to become professional artists, and a very select few will make it. We all knew that when we chose our creative careers and it didn’t—and shouldn’t—deter us from making that choice!

For example, every three years in Los Angeles alone, approximately 250,000 new aspiring actors arrive in the city to take the place of the 250,000 individuals who have had to give up on their dreams.

And the reason for this is...

When the reality of bills, and debt, and car payments, and rejection sets in, many—in fact most—people decide to pursue something else outside of the arts instead, for the simple reason that they run out of money.

At Abundance Bound, we think that’s a damn shame.

Instead, imagine for a second...

  • Being stress free when it comes to your finances.
  • Eliminating your debt.
  • Having the time and money to truly go after your artistic career.
  • Being totally in control of your artistic career.
  • Building passive income to cover all your living expenses.
  • Having fun, instead of worrying about where the money is coming from.

Stay in the game and build an artistic life and career for as long as your passions dictate. All this is possible if you know what you’re doing and have created a strong financial plan.

The Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System can show you how!

Miata's story

As an actor, President and Founder Miata Edoga faced the same challenges as countless artists. In spite of occasional successes with roles on stage, in films and on television, she wasn't consistently earning enough money to support herself.


I tried numerous different jobs: I was a temp, I waited tables, I bartended, I tutored, I was a receptionist, a legal assistant, I worked at Starbucks—I could go on. Basically, while trying to balance the need to pay my bills with the freedom and flexibility I needed for auditions, I wasted a whole lot of time in dead-end jobs that kept me broke, miserable and, ironically, too busy to really pursue my acting goals.

Additionally, as much as I tried to fight it, I was going into every audition with an energy that I needed to get the job. Not so much for the creative fulfillment, but for the paycheck! This quiet desperation undoubtedly affected my performances and I am sure kept me from booking roles.

One day I reached a breaking point—there had to be a solution to my situation. I certainly wasn't willing to give up my acting career. But I also wasn't willing to stay broke while I went after my dream.

So I set out to learn everything there was to learn about making and keeping money, and developing as an entrepreneur. I took every course I could afford, read every book I could get my hands on; I searched the Internet and went to see numerous speakers.


Miata quickly determined there are four categories that people fall into...

The four types of people:

Little man icon

A lot of money but no time

Business professionals—lawyers,
doctors, investment bankers.
Little man icon

No time and no money

The worst situation to be in,
and where Miata found herself.
Little man icon

Lots of time but no money

Many of our friends—people who sit
on the couch all day.
Little man icon

Both time and money together

The very obvious goal.

Miata made the decision that she could and would learn how to position herself into this last category. She began to immediately place herself in any environment that included people who were more financially experienced and successful.


I realized that I needed to work on my mindset. I began to examine the thought patterns that kept me believing I had to be a starving artist to really call myself an actor. I met individuals who were extremely successful in the entertainment industry—executive producers, directors, writers and casting directors—who had also created alternative income sources, and it struck me that they weren't worried that being successful in other areas would make them any less of a success at their true passions.

They understood the power of multiple streams of income and the freedom this offers them.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to remarkable mentors and teachers who helped me realize that the only guarantee of having the acting career I wanted was to create it myself, and I would never be able to do that coming from a place of financial stress and insecurity. I began to learn straightforward financial skills that helped me to create a solid foundation so I could begin to actually progress towards financial freedom.

I learned how to pursue Prosperity and my Passion!


Since starting her education and getting into action, Miata developed two cash generating businesses, creating consistent passive income, reducing the amount of her taxes and began investing in real estate. More importantly, as a direct result of all of this, she controls her own life. All of this makes her a much better actor and a more prepared artist.


I now have the time and energy for acting classes and auditions. I am no longer waiting, desperately, for other people to give me opportunities. My husband and I were able to start our own production company, Amina Productions, Inc., and are in the process of producing our first feature film. Watch the film trailer.


What’s the point?

You have to ask yourself, what's the point of having creative dreams if you are always too tired and broke to really go after them? What if you had had this knowledge, this education early on? What would you have done differently? What would you have accomplished already?

Miata began Abundance Bound with a clear mission: to help fellow artists learn to manage the up-and-down nature of our income, while addressing the need to both make a living and support our pursuit of the craft. What began as a passion quickly ignited into a movement for others, and in the years since Abundance Bound has been sought after to provide clear, practical guidance to thousands of students worldwide from different artistic disciplines.

We’re certain you want more time and money to focus on the things that you love, be that acting, directing, writing, painting, singing, sculpting, beat-boxing, fire-eating—insert creative enterprise here. Or maybe you just long for more quality time to hang out with family and friends. The question comes down to:

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

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Want to learn more?

Over the last several years, our Creative Team has spent considerable time and money learning, researching and applying the techniques necessary to break out of a negative financial cycle. Out of this dialogue, the nine steps of the Artist’s Prosperity System were perfected. The process was developed to be simple and clear while providing extremely powerful and effective techniques that work with an artistic lifestyle. Coupled with basic fundamentals, they also provide insight and action steps to take any artist from financial uncertainty to clarity and confidence.

We knew that not all of our potential students would be able to study directly with us, nor would they need to if the information were directly available. We think highly of ourselves, but we get it. You might prefer to travel solo or at your own different pace. With that in mind...

Welcome to the Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System!

Master the financial skills needed to truly thrive as an artist.

The Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System is a fast track to financial security for any actors or artists willing to do the work—completely on your own time and at your own pace. Each of the Artist’s Prosperity System’s nine steps is dealt with in detail on both Audio CDs and an accompanying workbook, with worksheets and action items attached to each one so that you process each step completely. This is a course that will get you into action!

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Your Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System includes...

Here is some of what you receive—all packaged in an attractive 3-Ring Binder so you can keep it all together! Or, if you’re a digital maven, choose to receive the Home Study System as a download only!

  • Over 3 1/2 hours of audio CDs walking you through the nine steps of our Artist’s Prosperity System.
  • A 130-Page workbook companion to the audio CDs.
  • Specific Action Items at the end of each section to spring you into action.
  • Worksheets designed to guide you through exercises essential to handle on your finances.
  • Beginning and advanced strategies to organize your money and put it to work for you.
  • A customized debt elimination plan so that you can finally become debt free.
  • High-powered business tips to help you start making more money right away.
  • Tax strategies for the actor or artist looking to make the most of the deductions available.
  • 5 + Hours of additional audio downloads as a special free gift to let you begin today.
  • And much more!

All of these elements have been put together with extreme care to guide you to exactly where you want to be financially. It is critical to us that artists be able to follow practical steps and achieve results.

The good news is that it’s working!

Hundreds of artists have graduated from our programs and are using the Artist’s Prosperity System to take control of their finances!

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Why you should learn from Abundance Bound

We’re just like you.

What separates our service from other financial companies is that we only work with artists and creative professionals. We specialize in the application of wealth techniques to a creative lifestyle. The Abundance Bound Creative Team actually does what we teach.

All of our coaches are artists and business owners. We know what it’s like to juggle a thousand projects at the same time, while still being able to enjoy our lives and our families and friends. We'll show you how to prioritize your day and your efforts to do the same.

We apply a practical approach to grand, broad sweeping ideas.

Miata spent many years figuring out what works, and as significantly, what doesn’t work for us. Our clients receive a very specific, step-by-step system on exactly what they need to do to take control of their financial future. As a result, those who work with us learn how to take control of their finances, eliminate debt, and make—and keep—more money. This gives them more time, energy and freedom to focus on their artistic pursuits and doing what they love most.

There are plenty of advisors out there who advocate the concepts we present. What they do not provide is an actionable approach on how to arrive at the life you want, when starting at the life you have. We do.

We've helped people just like you find the road to financial success without mapquest, and without sacrificing their artistic goals and dreams. Follow the Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System and let it do the same for you.

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To answer your questions

Its weight in bullsh—bullion.

By now, given that we’re artists and often taken advantage of, you may have all sorts of skeptical red flags. So let’s talk about them. Have a seat.

How do I know this will work for my specific situation?
This technology works for all different types of people because we’ve witnessed it happen time and time again, with students from all backgrounds, in all artistic disciplines, and at all degrees of success.

Let’s face it! We simply were not taught in school or college how to handle our finances. Most of us lack even the most basic skills and understanding as to how money works, let alone how to earn and plan in such a way that allows us increased freedom to do the things we really want.

This straightforward system will help you start to create financial prosperity. You’ll feel more confident and more in control when it comes to your money, which will lead to increased happiness and productivity in terms of your artistic career. Do the work, reap the rewards.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the program?
Absolutely! We’ve poured hours of effort into your copy of the system. To make you feel even half as confident as we are, here’s exactly what you’d expect on a page like this:


Heeeeey, wait a minute.

What’s the catch?
Oh, our fancy guarantee didn’t work for you? There isn’t a catch—really. Life is too short and you have too much creating to do. So do we. If we were really that inventive, you probably would have received our email from Nigeria.

In seriousness, should you find a catch let us know so we can resolve it. It goes like this: you order the system, you receive the system, you do the work, everyone is happy, and artists start ruling the world—as it should be.

When can I start?
Now., on second thought now is a good time. Once you order, you’ll receive all of the free gifts we’re about to mention straight away. Free gifts? Yes, gifts that are free. Redundant but true.

This means that, even if you select the hard copy version, while you are waiting for your CDs and Workbook to arrive, you can already be studying, listening, and starting to implement some amazing tips and ideas. (If you live in the United States, you should receive your physical package within 2 weeks. Allow 4 weeks for non-U.S. orders.) For those of you who decide to receive your Home Study System as a download, you'll be able to access the entire system as soon as your payment is accepted.

The recap

So...what do I receive again, and what does it cost?

When you purchase The Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System:

  • Over 3 1/2 hours of audio CDs taking you through the nine steps of our Artist’s Prosperity System. This means you can turn your car into a mobile university, and make your morning commute or workout into valuable learning time.
  • A 130-Page workbook companion to the audio CDs. We find that people learn in different ways, so being able to review the material by both listening and reading will dramatically increase your ability to absorb and apply it.
  • Specific Action Items at the end of each section to spring you into action. Following these action items are what will really allow you to take control of your financial situation.
  • Worksheets designed to guide you through exercises essential to handle on your finances. These range from Charts of Expenses, to Profit and Loss sheets and more (don’t worry about what those are now – we will guide you through them all!)
  • Beginning and advanced strategies to organize your money and put it to work for you. Most of us were never taught in school how to even do something as simple as balancing our checkbooks, so getting organized is one of the first and most basic things we cover in The Artist’s Prosperity System.
  • A customized debt elimination plan so that you can finally become debt free. Often, we incur debt as just a part of life, and have no plan to get rid of it other than “When I get my big break.w” However, by following our simple, step-by-step debt plan, you can reduce and then eliminate your debt much sooner than you ever thought possible.
  • High-powered business tips to help you start making more money right away. One of the biggest things people face is that they are financially “upside down” (i.e., every month, they spend more money than they earn). Developing business ideas are some of the first things that people can do to correct that situation.
  • Tax strategies for the actor or artist looking to make the most of the deductions available. Most artists don’t know all the ways in which they can take advantage of the tax code, or some simple things they can do to protect themselves and their artistic tax deductions from the IRS.
  • And much, much more!

You'll also receive these free bonuses!

1 Hour Audio Download by Organizational Expert Kristine Oller.

(A $100.00 value)

Kristine Oller is a nationally recognized organizational expert and career strategist specializing in helping creative professionals who are drowning in the details of daily life.

She teaches smart, talented artists how to thrive in today’s world; she creates environments that support their pursuits and strategic plans that get them where they want to go.

You’ll receive a recording of a special session Kristine did for participants in the Abundance Bound Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp. The information provided in this valuable bonus will help you develop the space to support and encourage your continued financial growth.

1 1/2 Hour Audio Download on Investing for the Beginner.

(A $150.00 value)

This special session led by Miata’s husband and partner, Adam Martin, goes into detail on the various investment opportunities available to all of us. While he is not an investment advisor, this hour and a half gives an excellent overview of all the ways that our money can start making us money.

It will help you identify the particular investment paths that interest you and give you a wonderful starting point for continuing your investment education.

Wait a minute...

The value of the free gifts alone is $250, which means we must be charging much more than that for The Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System, right? Wrong.

The investment

Your entire investment in the Home Study System is $247!

There is also a $10 shipping and handling charge for the hard copy system

Payable in easy monthly installments! Like, really easy monthly installments.

Divide your payments by selecting our Four Easy-pay Installment Program.
That's right, select four monthly payments of $61.75 only!


If you are someone who works best with your computer and iPod, and don't need a hard copy, you can choose to receive a fully downloadable version of the system.

Purchase the digital Home Study System for only $197!

Still payable in easy monthly installments! It doesn’t get much simpler.

Divide your payments by selecting our Four Easy-pay Installment Program.
Even better, select four monthly payments of $49.25 only!

Don’t forget your tax deduction!

Remember that because you’re investing in this package to further your artistic career, your purchase is 100% tax deductible. That makes this an even better deal!

And again, everything is backed by our 100% money back guarantee, so you really do have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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Start the course today!

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

Purchasing The Artist's Prosperity Home Study System is your “first step” on the path where you will:

  • Change your negative attitudes and conversations around money to positive and powerful financial statements that are actually supporting you in reaching your goals.
  • Conquer your financial fears so they are no longer a barrier to your success.
  • Become financially organized so you know your exact financial starting point and can develop a strong plan for the future.
  • Start building a high interest "wealth account" that will provide funds for future investments.
  • Develop financial goals and dreams that inspire and motivate you to move forward.
  • Create a debt elimination plan that will allow you to stop stressing out about those credit card bills.
  • Learn strategies to handle your time more efficiently so you can make creating financial abundance a priority without distracting from your artistic pursuits.
  • Develop business ideas that will help you increase your income and pay less in taxes.
  • Start creating passive income so you have more time and energy to focus on the things you want most.
  • Create a strong team of individuals that will support you and keep you accountable on your journey towards financial freedom.

So, are you ready?

Your CDs, workbook and free bonuses are waiting!

We hope you’ve gotten a complete picture of the program and that you’ll decide to leap in and tackle this wondrous process that most artists ignore—until it has a catastrophic impact on their long-term career. If you’ve read this far and haven’t ordered your program, with its free gifts and bonuses and hours of excellent, practical guidance, then perhaps you just need a permission slip. We’re artists, and sometimes we just need that friendly push.


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Whatever your decision, thanks for visiting and sharing in this movement. We wish you happiness, success and support on your journey.

To your prosperity,

Miata Edoga & The Abundance Bound Creative Team

P.S. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself one year from now. Your finances are now organized and you know exactly how to manage them. You track your income and expenses with ease, run your art like a business and can sleep soundly at night knowing every day you are tending to one giant aspect of your career. The definition of madness is, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Please don’t let any more time pass by with you stressing about your financial situation. $247 for the Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System is a pittance compared to the value of its positive impact on your life and goals. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain!

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