Help with Financial Overwhelm

I certainly didn’t grow up knowing I would become a financial coach and mentor for creative souls. But more than 10 years ago it was a money coach who taught me how to change and recover from financial behaviors that were leading me nowhere fast. The power of this truly life changing experience – led me to start asking what I could do to help other artists, like myself, who perhaps were floundering financially. And thus Abundance Bound was born!

This week I found myself chatting with a new friend at a dinner party when she shared that she had actually been reading this blog for more than a year. Of course I was glad that she was finding the information useful. More than that, I was truly grateful when she said: “I feel from your writing that you genuinely LOVE what you do.” But then she added – “I hate dealing with money. I just can’t imagine your work being any fun!”

Her perspective made me smile because I can SO relate to her sentiments and I know that they’re shared by many. Creative individuals commonly fear anything to do with finances.  In fact, this may be the number one thing that people AVOID.  We can be very good at justifying why we really don’t need to concern ourselves with our financial state of being “right now”.  These justifications include: “Something is going to happen really soon that will turn things around”, “My debt isn’t that bad”, “I’m still so young; I’ll start saving soon”, “I’ll deal with the bills later.”

Most of us simply aren’t raised to be truly comfortable with the topic of money.  It is rarely freely spoken about.  Perhaps you were taught that it is rude to discuss money.  Maybe you grew up in a home in which your parents did not know how to manage finances. A big part of my job as a personal financial coach is helping clients begin talking honestly about their financial situation in a space where there is absolutely no judgement. Once you are truthful about their financial struggles – we can establish a clear game plan for making changes. I’m able to provide support in the creation a personal financial plan that will work for you regardless of how desperate your financial situation may seem.

It naturally follows that, if we were not taught about financial management as we grew up and may have even gotten the message that it was a taboo subject, it is going to feel very unfamiliar. There are going to be things you don’t understand. “I’m not any good at this,” is a common decision we make, and quitting is not far behind. This is also where the support of a coach can be critical. Over the months I worked with my own coach, I can remember reaching out more than once in tears. It was his calm, steady problem solving attitude that helped me stay the course. I now make sure clients break their financial goals into small, manageable pieces, so the work can be done around all the other things that are important to you. I encourage rewarding yourself for the “small” wins – the  freshly organized filing cabinet, the new deposits you start making each month into an account for investments, the debt plan you put in place…  Almost before you know it, strong financial habits will become your new way of life and you won’t be able to go back!

Yes, you are going to have to decide that this is important enough to add into your life, but it doesn’t have to take over your whole life.  Far from it!  The truth is that handling your finances will actually create more time and more energy – you just have to begin. Ask yourself this – Am I willing to do whatever it takes to change my financial life? If your answer is yes, and you know you would like some one on one support along your journey, check out Artist’s Prosperity Personal Finance Coaching to see if this exciting and fully individualized program is for you.

Helping artists powerfully take control of their money and shift their financial path – is something that brings me a great deal of joy. It would be my honor to be a partner in your success.