Four Apps To Kick Start Your Savings

SavingsI often hear stories from creative professionals about their difficulties saving money. I completely understand. When faced with a project today for our art versus some far off goal, it’s hard to put away a dollar that could help right now.

Yet, I also know that the only way to financial independence is to save for the future. Every dollar we spend now is a dollar that could have secured our dreams forever, instead of just duct taping them today.

So let’s make saving easier by utilizing technology to help reach our goals. Here are four resources to get you started.

4 Apps To Clean Credit, Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Credit Karma – Most people I coach are afraid to view their credit score. Why? It’s like a trip to the dentist. Your credit score shows all of your blemishes in the eyes of the people who’ve loaned you money.  But Credit Karma empowers you to actively manage your credit with free interactive guidance to building a better score. (another choice is Quizzle, which has similar features).

Ready For Zero – Next we need a site/app to begin tackling debt. When I work with clients on building their budget and creating money management systems, it’s easy to send people away motivated. But the problem comes three or four weeks later when real life strikes again. I like Ready for Zero because you see your debt mountain decreasing over time. These tools give you the daily motivation to stay on the bandwagon, or to get back on if you find yourself and your budget running contrary to your goals.

Mint. Okay….now we have a plan to improve our credit and eliminate our debt. Next up is Mint. This app helps you automatically track your spending so you can focus on your art and identifying opportunities to save. If you’ve been through any Abundance Bound Programs, you know that having a handle on your everyday expenses is the key to finding simple ways to save money. Mint also allows you to place limits on each area of your financial life. Do you need to spend less money at restaurants or on gifts? Mint will alert you when you’ve stepped over your pre-defined lines, helping you to curb spending and stick to your plan.

Jemstep –If you aren’t sure about how to build your savings, Jemstep will ask you about your goals and where you’re saving. Then they’ll recommend where to move your money based on historic algorithms. While they offer services for a fee, their free tools are excellent. They aren’t affiliated with any asset management firm, so you’ll get unbiased advice about where to invest.

There are many tools available for financial management. While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, these are reliable places to start. Use these 4 apps to get a handle on your credit, begin tackling your debt, monitor your budget and wisely invest your money. Imagine how much time that’ll free up to focus on your creative endeavors!