Daily ProsperiTIP

Hire a qualified home inspector before you purchase a home. Any seasoned realtor will strongly advise this, but I’ve witnessed people working without a professional who skip this step to save a few dollars.

Don’t make that mistake.

When my husband and I were searching for our first home, we fell in love with a sweet little house. During the inspection it was revealed that its foundation was completely collapsing!

A house could be filled with mold, have water damage, leaky pipes, a furnace that’s about to go kaput…and many other problems you might not catch—mostly because you’re too in love with your potential new home to notice the flaws. Even if you’re skilled at real estate, it’s valuable to have another set of professional eyes.

Tip: Don’t send the home inspector to the property alone and settle for reading the report later. If at all possible, accompany her/him through the property. Often they’ll point out valuable information that never makes it into the report. You’ll also be able to read nuances from the inspector about which problems should be fixed immediately which can wait.