Daily ProsperiTIP

Getting financially organized is probably the biggest contribution you can make to your long-term financial stability.

I know, I know… I tend to write a lot about “clearing the clutter!” But the truth is that I started to create big changes in my financial life on the day I realized that piles were NOT a filing system. Many of us are buried in paperwork: bills, old receipts, and bank statements. It’s not surprising that we get confused as to when bills are due and how much money we have in our account at any given time.

Dive in to Artist’s Prosperity 101 for step-by-step guidance that will get you organized in four short weeks. In the meantime, here are some quick organizational tips:

  • Get rid of bills once you’ve paid them. Purchase a shredder to destroy sensitive financial information when you’re done with it. Or consider contacting vendors to set up “paperless” accounts.
  • Use a software program to organize your finances quickly.
  • Set up automatic bill pay to make sure bills are paid on time.
  • Create envelopes or files (labeled with categories) to store receipts needed for tax purposes. Put them in the appropriate file at the end of each week so they don’t become unmanageable.

Take on your organization one bite at a time and slowly but surely you’ll see improvement in your overall financial situation.