Build Your Financial House of Brick

Remember the three little pigs? Sure you do. The moral of the nursery rhyme was simple:  build your house right the first time and it won’t be blown over.

In the arts, we’ve all heard this advice before. It’s the quality of our work that brings people back. We’ve watched suspiciously as performers with gimmicks shoot to the heights of fame for a few brief moments; but it’s only quality work that helps ensure a long, prosperous career.

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Using Online Bank Accounts

So you’ve finally checked your bank statement to discover that you’re getting nearly no interest from your savings account. Should you check out online bank accounts or are those risky?

Internet banking isn’t for everyone. I could never tell my mother to open an online account because she wouldn’t know how to withdraw funds and would worry that she couldn’t run down to the corner to take it out. That said, usually your best interest rates are going to be found   Continue reading this post >

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Children and Money

Being a financial coach and a parent means that I frequently get asked questions about children and money. Many of us struggle as adults because we never learned how to really manage our finances. We wonder how we can avoid making the same mistakes with our own sons and daughters.

Introducing an allowance can play a role in helping children learn to save. But how much should we give them? Should the allowance be tied to chores? These are just a   Continue reading this post >

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3 Steps To Avoid Financial Nightmares

Ah, October. I love campy Halloween movies and haunted houses. To kick off the season, we watched the Ghost Hunter television show last week. You know the one. A team of investigators spend the night at a house where unexplained phenomena has occurred. They spend the episode trying to debunk the owner’s claims of paranormal activity. Sometimes these shows are frightening.

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From the Mailbag

I was watching an extreme coupon clipping show last night. How easy is it to find these discounts and pay next to nothing for groceries?


Hi Julie! It isn’t easy, but as the people on these shows prove, it’s not impossible. Before making a purchase, try a simple Google search on the item and you’ll be shocked   Continue reading this post >

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A Few Simple Tips to Save Money

I was out to dinner the other night with some friends and we were laughing about the questions strangers will ask as soon as they find out your profession. One friend who is a doctor – always gets a medical question. Our lawyer girlfriend is often asked whether certain (sometimes dubious) behavior is legal. Me? When I tell folks about Abundance Bound I can pretty much count on being asked for “just a   Continue reading this post >

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5 Steps To Protect Your Sanity This Fall


Ah, September…the month leaves begin to change from green to shades of red and yellow. Sounds of fall sports and school buses fill the chilled autumn air.  And my thoughts turn to the holiday season and the pageantry, colored lights, office parties, family and a new year upon us.

Huh?  Are we still talking about September?

Getting your financial house in order is about planning for the future. One single month of the year causes my clients more financial pain than any   Continue reading this post >

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Someone to Help You Save


When it comes to saving, many suffer from a disease I call “assoonas syndrome.” They plan to start saving. As soon as the car is fixed. As soon as they receive a raise at the part-time side job. As soon as they get a speaking part. The rash of “as soon as” spreads on and on, and is difficult to cure.

The only way to cure assoonas syndrome is to start saving now. I know you’ve heard this before, especially if   Continue reading this post >

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From the Mailbag

Are loyalty cards worth it? I feel like my wallet is filling up with these things.


Hi Kari,

I know how you feel! My wallet is so full of cards I often have trouble finding the one I need for the store I happen to be visiting at the moment! Everyone seems to have a reward program now. It’s no longer just airlines and hotels. The pharmacy, grocery store and office supply shop all have their own special card. It can   Continue reading this post >

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