How I Raised My Income $120 Per Month Without Working Harder

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I realize I talk a lot in Abundance Bound workshops and this blog about avoiding “too good to be true”.

But there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to easily implement THE SAME strategy I used to pocket more money NOW.

How did I do it? Easy. I paid attention to taxes.


How can five little letters (t.a.x.e.s.) put people to sleep so easily? It’s the same for me. I can’t stand tax discussions.   Continue reading this post >

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Start. Saving. Now.

In our last post I discussed (among other things) setting up an automatic savings plan. I’ve received some questions about why this works. If you’ve found that you have trouble starting your automatic savings plan, today’s piece is for you.

I’ve found something awful happens when a dollar appears in my wallet.

I spend it.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a special revelation, but over the course of the last week I asked a few friends if money disappears from their wallets. It   Continue reading this post >

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7 Great Money Moves to Sprint Into September

What is it about September? People walk a little more quickly. Long evenings under the stars with friends become nights at home in front of the computer. Kids go back to school. Client work picks up. Projects roll. The world shifts into gear again.

This is a time for productivity. It’s a time to set up a successful move for your art. If you’re going to celebrate a great 2012, this is the time to clean up your financial picture so   Continue reading this post >

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Investing and Creativity

A talking head on television the other day said, “It takes deep creativity to find quality investment opportunities.”

Is this true?

If investing is about creativity, how come so many members of our community cover their ears the second an investing discussion begins? Why aren’t we the best investors of all?

In fact, when I think of investing, I don’t think about artists. I think about button down suits and Wall Street types. Maybe we’ve been wrong all along.

I think the talking head   Continue reading this post >

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Beating the Summer Doldrums

Beating the Summer Doldrums

We’re in those beautiful weather days. Baseball. Festivals. Lazy afternoons. It feels like everyone spends the week waiting for Friday night…maybe you’re a little burnt out on your art. Maybe the creative juices are feeling the call of a little fun. After all, you have to live to be able to connect with your audience, right?

These can be dangerous days for your wallet. Time to tighten the belt.

It’s during times like these…the deepest part of summer, that   Continue reading this post >

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I Do! I Like Them, Sam-I-Am!

I was busy with my semi-annual deep clean of my children’s rooms the other day and came across an old Dr. Seuss favorite: Green Eggs & Ham. Although I think you all know the story, I’ll give you the quick executive summary:

Grumpy furry guy says he doesn’t like green eggs and ham.

Sam asks him to try them before passing judgment.

Grumpy furry guy decides to try them.

He falls in love with green eggs and ham.

The end.


In my experience, most people seem   Continue reading this post >

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Best Ways to Shop for Deals

Lately, as I’ve been working with clients, I’ve realized that there is a NEW spending category that is starting to have a negative effect on some of our bank accounts: Groupon, Living Social and other programs.

A friend recently started tracking a similar website called Woot. She told me that there were amazing deals on the site and couldn’t believe she’d discovered such a treasure.

A couple months later I asked how Woot was going. She sighed and said she didn’t visit   Continue reading this post >

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From the Mailbag

I’m facing a big tax bill. Every year I have trouble putting away money for quarterly taxes. What’s a good trick to get money saved?

Here’s my favorite technique to save money: save into a central savings account that’s difficult to reach, then pay yourself a separate amount into checking from this fund. Have money automatically deducted from this central savings account each month for your tax bill before you pay yourself money to live so that you don’t face these   Continue reading this post >

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Refinancing Your House, Car, or Credit Cards

Interest rates are low. Most of the time it’s wise to ignore anyone who tells you “you really need to….”, but believe me, you should check the interest rates of all your debt before interest rates rise.

…and when are interest rates going to rise? That’s the problem; I don’t know. Therefore, I recommend you do it right now.

Before We Begin

Make sure you read my   Continue reading this post >

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4 Ways to Cut Holiday Expenses


If I were forced to choose one time of year that was about making smart choices, it’d be hard to choose against this one. What should you wear to the next holiday party? Who should you invite to a gathering you’re holding? How much should you spend on gifts? Probably the biggest one of all is this: what should you eat?

I was out with a friend recently for lunch and as she perused the menu, I heard her mumble, “Oh,   Continue reading this post >

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