5 Steps To Protect Your Sanity This Fall


Ah, September…the month leaves begin to change from green to shades of red and yellow. Sounds of fall sports and school buses fill the chilled autumn air.  And my thoughts turn to the holiday season and the pageantry, colored lights, office parties, family and a new year upon us.

Huh?  Are we still talking about September?

Getting your financial house in order is about planning for the future. One single month of the year causes my clients more financial pain than any   Continue reading this post >

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Successful Banking: Becoming “Like Water” With Your Bank

Writer David Allen noted that one of the most attractive aspects of staying organized is to be “like water,” flowing with the current situation. I like this analogy for artists, because our careers demand that we be flexible and ready for opportunities wherever they arise. But this is incredibly difficult to achieve if your life is so cluttered you’re constantly re-tackling nagging financial problems instead of flowing with current events.

That’s why bank fees drive me crazy. If you’ve ever been   Continue reading this post >

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The Balancing Act: Tools to Manage Your Money

A friend recently asked me to review her spending habits. We’ll call her Linda for this piece, although that’s not her real name. Like many artists, Linda struggles with a budget because she’s constantly on the go. Between workshops, auditions and performances her life is chock-full of lightening quick money decisions. Spend more on parking to get closer to the theater? Grab lunch on-the-go to network with other artists? Hire better stylists to look her best for the next audition?   Continue reading this post >

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Where Do I Start???

It was about 10 years ago that I reached a breaking point in terms of money. I had lots of debt, an almost empty bank account, and just getting the mail would bring me to tears because of all the bills I had just received and I wasn’t sure how to pay. If something didn’t shift, I was pretty certain that my pursuit of an acting career was over, not to mention the fact that I’d probably have to move   Continue reading this post >

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Grabbing the Reins

You’ve decided it’s time to take control of your money. Bills keep piling up, creditors incessantly call, and now you know it’s time to start. Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. Over fifty percent of Americans have some credit card debt. The housing crisis still isn’t over. The unemployment percentage hovers around double-digits.

Many of us need to grab the reins and find a plan.

Where to begin, though? How do you start turning pennies into dollars, and dollars into ten   Continue reading this post >

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