7 Great Money Moves to Sprint Into September

What is it about September? People walk a little more quickly. Long evenings under the stars with friends become nights at home in front of the computer. Kids go back to school. Client work picks up. Projects roll. The world shifts into gear again.

This is a time for productivity. It’s a time to set up a successful move for your art. If you’re going to celebrate a great 2012, this is the time to clean up your financial picture so   Continue reading this post >

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Investing and Creativity

A talking head on television the other day said, “It takes deep creativity to find quality investment opportunities.”

Is this true?

If investing is about creativity, how come so many members of our community cover their ears the second an investing discussion begins? Why aren’t we the best investors of all?

In fact, when I think of investing, I don’t think about artists. I think about button down suits and Wall Street types. Maybe we’ve been wrong all along.

I think the talking head   Continue reading this post >

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I Do! I Like Them, Sam-I-Am!

I was busy with my semi-annual deep clean of my children’s rooms the other day and came across an old Dr. Seuss favorite: Green Eggs & Ham. Although I think you all know the story, I’ll give you the quick executive summary:

Grumpy furry guy says he doesn’t like green eggs and ham.

Sam asks him to try them before passing judgment.

Grumpy furry guy decides to try them.

He falls in love with green eggs and ham.

The end.


In my experience, most people seem   Continue reading this post >

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5 Lessons from 2011

This time of year I like to look back over the last twelve months and reflect. For me, life is about making mistakes–mentors have told me that if you don’t make any mistakes, you aren’t moving fast enough. This year has been a whirlwind, so I must have made some real doozies!

While it certainly can be difficult, I try not to dwell on my missteps as long as I learn from them. At this time of year, I also like   Continue reading this post >

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From the Mailbag

Hi Miata,

Lately, a bunch my friends have been talking about buying gold. With the problems in Greece and Italy, should I be buying precious metals, too? Thanks!


Not necessarily Chris. All you have to do is watch late night television to know how sky-high metal prices are right now. When commercials tell you they’ll buy your gold, recommend that you buy real estate, or announce that the Snuggie is the next wonder of the world, buyer beware. (Although they may   Continue reading this post >

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Daily ProsperiTIP

Contribute to your 401k even if you don’t plan on staying with the company long enough to claim the matching dollars.

A 401k plan allows an investor to place money into investments on a pre-tax basis. Let me explain what that means: when you collect cash from an employer, they’ve already taken out federal tax, state tax, FICA tax, and in some cases, city taxes. Yuck. When you invest in a 401k, your money avoids ALL of these taxes until you   Continue reading this post >

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From the Mailbag


I know they say not to sell stocks when the market is low. Should I be making any moves financially while the markets are so volatile?


Absolutely Sue! In this type of market people panic, creating deals for a shrewd investor. As an artist, you should be comfortable moving against   Continue reading this post >

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Fighting Fear

At age seven, I was sure there was something living under my bed. Some nights I was certain I could hear the shallow breathing of the beast just waiting for me to dangle a leg or arm out. I’d tighten the covers, tuck in my feet and sleep in a blanket cocoon.

Miraculously, the next morning, the beast was gone. I’d laugh that I’d escaped another night’s terror and live without fear until the sun started to set and my mom   Continue reading this post >

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The Great Home Debate

Popular wisdom says that you should purchase a home. Have you ever been to a party of homeowners and told someone you rent? It’s not uncommon to hear people mumble that you’re “throwing money away” and not “building equity” through mortgage payments. Because you don’t own a home you’re cast aside as some sort of second-class citizen.

Here’s the million-dollar question: should a creative individual buy or rent a home?

I think you’ll be surprised by my answer.

The issue of buy vs.   Continue reading this post >

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