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Do I need disability insurance?

– Conrad

Dear Conrad,

This is going to be the subject of a longer blog post in the future, but in short, yes, you need disability insurance. As a community, we’re very dependent on our ability to perform, and although some great artists are disabled, the chance your career might suffer after a disability is also great.

In my opinion, people avoid disability coverage for two reasons:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • It’s not going to happen to me.

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How to Turn Off Your Audience in One Sentence

Let’s talk about insurance. Wow, you’re still reading? Generally, any insurance discussion is a great way to clear a room. I’m glad you’re reading, because we’re about to save you some money and headaches. You can clump the average person into one of two groups when it comes to insurance:  either they’re afraid something is going to happen so they insure everything, including the cat, dog and neighbor’s dog; or they’re so afraid of insurance they choose to have none.

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