How Do You Survive the Paycheck Roller Coaster?

Some of us like a good roller coaster ride. That feeling in your stomach as you look down the big hill. The realization that you’re voluntarily about to do something really, really stupid. It gives you a rush unlike many others.

However, I don’t think anyone wants that exciting, seat-of-your-pants rush with your paycheck.

Sadly, roller coaster income seems to come with the territory for many of us. How do you control your income stream when it’s difficult to predict what money   Continue reading this post >

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Grabbing the Reins

You’ve decided it’s time to take control of your money. Bills keep piling up, creditors incessantly call, and now you know it’s time to start. Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. Over fifty percent of Americans have some credit card debt. The housing crisis still isn’t over. The unemployment percentage hovers around double-digits.

Many of us need to grab the reins and find a plan.

Where to begin, though? How do you start turning pennies into dollars, and dollars into ten   Continue reading this post >

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What is your Financial Starting Point?

This week we are going to begin examining the second step of the Artist’s Prosperity System: Clear your financial clutter and get it organized for good! There are several elements involved in truly getting financially organized. It can be easy to feel a sense of overwhelm which keeps us from moving forward. Over the next few newsletters our goal is to guide you through each element—so just hang in there, go one step at a time and don’t stop!

Perhaps   Continue reading this post >

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