Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick in Three Simple Steps

New Year’s Resolutions are a little like chocolate. Sitting in front of you, both seem like a good idea at the time. There’s the promise of wonderful magic. You feel warm just thinking about all the great things it’ll provide, but once you pull back the wrapper, neither seems to have any real substance worth biting into.

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Why Don’t We Reach Our Goals?

Goal setting seems like an easy task. You sit down and write out what you want for yourself. That’s it. There’s no real magic, no excitement, just placing those ideas you’ve had for a better way to do things onto a sheet of paper. So, if it isn’t such a big deal, why do so many experts agree that the key to achieving your dreams is to begin by writing down your goals? Why do banks demand to see a   Continue reading this post >

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The Many Colors of Abundance

Abundance is very much like colors. No two people see colors in the same way. One person may see blue while another sees purple. Two people looking at the same pumpkin will not see the exact same shade of orange. And no two people will experience the same feelings or have the same ideas of what abundance is. The question is—what does it means for you?

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New Year’s Resolutions 2006

I struggled with whether this topic should be the feature article for December or January. I decided on this month because I think it is important to use these next few weeks to start developing a plan as to how you will handle your finances in the New Year. This way you will be able to start 2006 actually utilizing new strategies, rather than playing catch up all year.

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Getting Past Fear

Those of you who have taken our financial seminars know that we encourage actors to step outside of the box when it comes to determining what things you can be doing to ensure continued financial stability while you pursue your acting career. I know that, when I arrived in Los Angeles, I assumed that I would wait tables, bartend, register with temp agencies – I mean, this is what aspiring actors do, right?

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