How to Cure a Credit Card Hangover

Ah, late January… a time of colder temperatures, snuggling around a warm fireplace…and December’s credit card bill waiting like a bomb in your mailbox.


Did you overspend during the holiday season? If not, many people you know made up for you. According to this Bloomberg Businessweek article, consumer debt rose more in November of last year than it had in 10 years.

Although analysts call this a “good sign” for the economy, doesn’t this statistic frighten you? Weren’t we just   Continue reading this post >

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Why Your Resolutions Don’t Work

Ah, a New Year. Like a brand-new car, the New Year is full of the smell of promises and opportunities. Last year’s dirty slate is wiped clean and you’re free to dream about a whole list of things you’ll do better than last year.

…which lasts until about February 15th.

By then the shine is off the New Year and the “real world” has caught back up and strangled any resolutions that managed to live that long.

Working out?   Continue reading this post >

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5 Steps to a Better Business in 2012

I have to admit, I’m a perfectionist about planning my business. While making dinner, my mind races through lists of ways to perfect my craft. When folding laundry, I’m usually strategizing about my next potential project. My mind seems to always be at work on the next “better” idea, even when daily mundane tasks rule the moment.

I was reading management guru Tom Peters recently, who stated that balance is baloney. Top people in any field don’t have   Continue reading this post >

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Someone to Help You Save


When it comes to saving, many suffer from a disease I call “assoonas syndrome.” They plan to start saving. As soon as the car is fixed. As soon as they receive a raise at the part-time side job. As soon as they get a speaking part. The rash of “as soon as” spreads on and on, and is difficult to cure.

The only way to cure assoonas syndrome is to start saving now. I know you’ve heard this before, especially if   Continue reading this post >

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Daily ProsperiTIP

Develop specific, measurable, reachable and challenging goals that will excite, inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward.

Study after study has proven that people who write down their goals reach them significantly more consistently than those who do not. Write them down, read them, carry them with you. What this does is keep you in a constant state of almost unconsciously looking for ways to bring that goal into reality. Know what is driving you! For most   Continue reading this post >

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Where Do I Start???

It was about 10 years ago that I reached a breaking point in terms of money. I had lots of debt, an almost empty bank account, and just getting the mail would bring me to tears because of all the bills I had just received and I wasn’t sure how to pay. If something didn’t shift, I was pretty certain that my pursuit of an acting career was over, not to mention the fact that I’d probably have to move   Continue reading this post >

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Belated Spring Cleaning

It’s time for the big reveal: I’m not a fan of spring cleaning.

Once I’ve finally dug in and begun the process, I enjoy organizing shelf space and rearranging household supplies so they’re easier to find. When it’s over, I’m always glad it’s done, and I love that when I want something, it’s right at my fingertips. Yet, if you asked me what my least favorite five tasks around the house would be, cleaning closets and organizing the garage would be   Continue reading this post >

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When is the Right Time to Start Saving Money?

I READ IN AN ARTICLE last week that people are saving more money today than they have in a long, long time. For the average person with a reliable job and consistent income this is a good sign. For creative individuals with fluctuating earnings, this news is even more welcome. During the financial meltdown the reality that people had no reserves to fall back on really hit home, driving many to try to ensure that they’re not caught in a   Continue reading this post >

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Investing 101

To some, investments seem like the Las Vegas segment of a financial plan; you bet your wages on an investment and hopefully watch your chips accumulate on the road to wealth. If you ever watch cable investment networks it sometimes feels as if the average person is just a lucky investment or two away from riches. The truth, however, is that the professionals we see on television, work all day, every day tracking the market, compiling data, and using mathematical   Continue reading this post >

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How to Turn Off Your Audience in One Sentence

Let’s talk about insurance. Wow, you’re still reading? Generally, any insurance discussion is a great way to clear a room. I’m glad you’re reading, because we’re about to save you some money and headaches. You can clump the average person into one of two groups when it comes to insurance:  either they’re afraid something is going to happen so they insure everything, including the cat, dog and neighbor’s dog; or they’re so afraid of insurance they choose to have none.

Which   Continue reading this post >

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